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Love My Meeces to Pieces

My Little "Meeces"

My Little “Meeces”

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled onto the cutest mouse pattern by Lorraine Pistorio. The pattern is called Christmas & Hanukkah Mice.–hanukkah-mice
It is a hand knitting pattern but I figured I would try to convert to machine knitting. Great pattern, pictures, and detail!  What I found out is that I was able to knit the body on the machine after hand knitting to row 12. I was able to knit the arms on the machine. The head I was able to do after row 10 and the ears after a couple of rows. The feet had to be done by hand. The time it took on the machine was about 3 hours whereas by hand was about 2 days of knitting off and on. The first one I made by hand, I overstuffed and it would not felt down well. So, the second one that I made, I lightly stuffed so the piece would not felt together. I left an opening in the body, head and feet to add stuffing afterwards and this is what I have. I knitted a little scarf and felted it. I even felted the candy cane. He is supposed to have a Christmas Santa hat but I love his ears so much I hate to cover one!  I may needle felt the inside of his ears with a light pink. The other felted mouse is the one made from the MKN pattern insert and it is in machine knitting instructions.

I love Lorraine Pistorio’s pattern just as it is knitted but you know me and felting! 🙂

Felted Mouse Ornament-Second Try

This is my second try at a felted mouse only this time I made the female. I knitted her and felted her and then went and read the directions for the hat. It said to make the hat and attach ears to hat. Uh oh. I already made the mouse  , attached the ears AND felted it. I hand knit the hat and on a knit row I cast off five stitches , knitted 3 stitches and cast off five stitches. On the return row I cast on where I cast off the five stitches on the previous row and continued until the end. You can see the picture before felting. It came out perfect after felting and it went over the ears nicely. Not bad for a big guess.  I stuffed this mouse with quilt batting and it came out smaller which is what I wanted. She is 3.5 inches tall and will be used as an ornament. I still have to buy beads for the eyes.

Now I have to go back to the passap machine before I forget how to knit on it. lol

Felted Mouse Ornament





What is not to love about this mouse? He is a free download on Ravelry at Barbara Primes’s Fuzzy Mitten. It is called the Housemice pattern.   You have to look at her picture of the pattern before you read my critique of my little guy.  He is a hand knit pattern that I converted to machine. Well….all except the hat. I had to hand knit using DP needles.  I made the mouse and hat  with Patons wool on the Bulky Brother and then I felted it. I used scraps of the wool yarn to use as stuffing as it would shrink also. Now I know you are laughing thinking that there is something funny about mine. Well, here is my critique. Mind you, this was my first try. I would needle felt the nose instead of using yarn before felting. His schnozz is too big. lol His mouth also looks like a mustach! Need to work on that. I also did not take the time to look up how to do bobbles on the machine and I just marked stitches where they were to go. I would do them the next time while knitting the body like the instructions said. Okay….his tail is too thick. His scarf would look better in a piece of red felt and his eyes would look better with beads. I needle felted a red heart on his chest. I absolutely love the little red beret!  I can’t wait to do the little female. You must visit her site. I can’t believe how many adorable knitted patterns she has . I would have definitely bought the mouse pattern but it is a free download.

Oh, one more reason I felted this mouse  is that I hand knit but felting hides the areas where my tension might be too tight or too loose. I am going to make this little guy into an ornament.