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Cats…..hmmm…or Dogs rule?

I know this is not related to knitting but I thought it was funny. I have a sweetheart of a cat and a pushy jack russel terrier. The cat was here first. The dog does not hurt her but he pounces on her all the time. At times, he does not like it if the cat is on my lap and trys to hop up and push her out of the way. When it gets cold the cat and dog lay on top of the heat registers in the dining room. The cat was there yesterday so I got her cat bed out, put a little afghan I made for her in it and she hopped in and went to sleep. I was in the other room and I heard this noise coming from the dining room. The dog had pushed the cat out, pulled the afghan out of the bed and tried to get in the bed and found out it was too small. If you notice, in all of his trying,  he has the bed way off the register when he finally got settled.  I guess I have to go buy one for him that is a little bigger. Usually he stays in the family room by the fireplace but no…he wants what she has. lol