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Machine Knitting Wire for Cast On Combs


A couple of years ago I bought wire for my cast on combs from a vendor at a seminar. It came wrapped in a circle and never straightened out. My friend Sheila told me that hobby shops should have the wire . She also said music shops should have piano wire. So, right next to our old hang out, JoAnn Fabrics, is a hobby shop. After hitting the quilting store (another hobby started!) we went to the hobby store. I bought two sets of wires since I did not have a cast on comb with me. My friend said it was the thinner one and I said the thicker one. So I bought both sets and both sets work!! However, the thinner one she suggested slides better-I should always listen to her! I had to buy a set of four which is how they came wrapped. It cost me a whole whopping $2.50 for four wires! So the best one to buy is the .032 – .81 mm. They fit into my Brother standard gauge , bulky and passap combs.  So I spent five dollars but they all function and I am not going to return the one set.

So, this is my helpful little hint for cast on wires. Now please don’t email me telling me you knew this or I will have to hurt you! lol