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Felted Fingerless Gloves in Two Hours

DSC00046I knitted these fingerless gloves in less than two hours. I knitted the rib. Then  I placed half of the stitches on the ribber and knit circular. Since I knit circular, I could not go into ribbing so I took the glove off of the machine on waste yarn. Then I knitted the ribbing and took it off on waste yarn also. Then I used the kitchener stitch to attach the band to the glove and the thumb. The yarn is Cascade 220. I lightly felted the gloves and needle felted the dots on them. I love the feel and fit of these gloves.It is true that felting takes the scratchiness out of wool.

Felted Jelly Jar Holder

DSC00036I have a lady that buys wine bottle cover from me and she wanted a jelly jar holder. This is what I came up with. It is the same pattern but half the amount of knitted rows. I would do less on the collar but she likes them wide. I used Cascade 220 yarn. I made a row of eyelets further down to run the yarn through to snug up the jar in case it was a little smaller. This is 4 inches tall to the front V and 3 inches in width.  I needle felted the stocking on.

More Felted Wine Bottle Covers

I have a customer that has bought 12 wine bottle covers from me. I just finished the snowman and she bought it and asked if I could do a Santa carrying a sack of toys. Well this is the closest I could come to that and be able to needle felt it. The Santa is needle felted with wool roving. The white is sparkly and I think it is roving. A lady I buy from who has Slim Chicken web site sent it as a sample. It feels like nylon yet it does felt. It has a sparkle that you can’t see in the pictures. This was the hardest one for me to do and by all means not perfect. Keep on practicing I always say. Lol  Update: She bought it and it was in store probably five minutes. Yay!

An Expensive Lesson Learned

I made the blue slipper from Cascade 220 yarn and the brown one with Lions Brand wool. The brown one is the double layered slipper sewn like Judi Meissner does on her felted hats. The blue one is the slipper knitted with two strands of yarn and sewn up using the mattress stitch. I think the reason I ended up with a seam showing is because of two things that I did and will never do again. First of all, the blue slipper does not come out much bigger than the size you need and therefore, not much felting has to happen to get the size. And number two is that I did not sew seam up the way Judi Meissner does in her felted hats. (go through knot on one seam and bar on the other. ) I used the mattress stitch . I do not like the seams showing so I kept on felting and the only thing that happened was that they got smaller and tighter and the seam still showed.  I threw away ten dollars so I won’t forget and let this happen again. lol