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Passap Knitted Ice Skate Ornament with Carpet Stitch cuff


Okay, I know you were expecting a lot more in knitting from me. The truth is that I want to get knitting more but we are working on our house. I just finished staining all the woodwork for 9 doors and baseboards.

So I was able to play around in between the staining and varnishing. I know I need to get a life when I look at the hours I spent  to get this little ornament knitted. I think it is cute though so time was not wasted. I got the idea from a magazine picture of a felted ice skate. This can be knitted on any machine but you would have to do a different cuff. The cuff is the carpet stitch and I used the stitch ditcher attachment but you don’t need one to do this. It is just faster and easier with one. The great thing about this carpet stitch cuff  is that it curls around the top of the skate body by itself.  I tried making this four times and the best way to knit it is to knit the cuff, take off on waste yarn and then knit the shoe part from the bottom up so you are doing decreases instead of increases. I then Kitchener stitched the cuff to the body, hung the sides on machine with right sides together and bound off and then when I came to the bottom where the waste yarn was I bound off two stitches at a time. Turn in side out and stuff lightly. I made laces with the white yarn. Pompoms would look cute on the ends of the laces. Or you could put a pompom on the toe like I used to do eons ago when I used to roller skate. The yarn I used was called flash I believe. It has a very pretty sparkle to it. The cuff has sparkle in it but it is hard to see in my picture.  If you want to make it here are my pattern instructions in my drop box.

Knitted Angel on a Cone knitted on the Passap


Angel with Halo

Angel with Halo

think this is one of the cutest things that I have seen done on leftover machine knitting cones! I don’t remember how I found Sandy Ewings  site but here is the link for her site. And  it was so nice of her to provide the free pattern!  If  you scroll down you will see the directions or click on Christmas on the home page. The picture below is her Santa and Angel. They are so adorable and designed beautifully. I love the Santa and how you make the white trim and put it on so it looks like a coat! And the wings for the angel are absolutely graceful and look really nice . Also, very easy to knit.


Of course, I had to make it since I have the yarn for the wings. I think it is called Flash but not sure. It has a nice sparkle to it. If you click on the picture you can see the sparkle. I also learned how to OPEN cast on tubular. Well, that is after I made the body!   The bottom of the a cone is covered because I started out with a closed cast on. DUH! The good thing about it is that the person can’t see the inside. I attached the head with a pipe cleaner for stability and also glued it on.

I tried needle felting a face and it came out horrible. So while I was at Marc’s shopping I saw this little doll head on a body . I won’t tell you what I paid!!

I love the way Sandy made her arms. You cast on open tubular for full needle rib so that the stitches can be gathered. You knit one circular piece and then take off on the end piece of yarn. You put the strings of the two ends together over the top of the cone . I love it!  I went off to the fabric store for the gold trim  but forgot to look for the greens and berries for her arms. So guess what I did? I used the CARPET STITCH  and the stitch ditcher to make the muff for her hands. (Please say your remember the hand muffs from years ago!)I used the same yarn as the wings. I also made a little collar with the same yarn using 15 stitches and knitted the same way as the start of the wings.

I also bought white hair and was going to change this but I think she looks cute. I am going to make another with the white hair and maybe some lace on the lower band. Stay tuned. The possibilities are endless on making her look different.

This is going to look precious on my fireplace mantle. I can’t wait to make the Santa.

Stitch Ditcher on the Passap Machine

Top of Stitch Ditcher

Top of Stitch Ditcher

Bottom of stitch ditcher

Bottom of stitch ditcher



OMG I love this little gadget! I like the carpet stitch but when I posted the carpet stitch in my blog I was using a straight edge piece of plastic to release the stitches each time I had to dump the stitches . It took awhile to do but not unreasonably long. Well…..until I tried this little guy! It just glides over the bed one two three!! I had to try a sample just to see how it works. I used a pattern in the passap book but I did not do the larger loops. I think you can still see the effect. I hope to do the carpet stitch jacket and this will get my you know what in gear. My friend Jacqui was really nice to let me know she saw one on ebay. Thank you Jacqui!!!

White Miniature Christmas Stocking on the Passap

This is a little miniature stocking for my friend Linda. She saw the red ones and liked them and I asked her if she wanted one. She said yes but in white because of the way she decorates her tree. Here it is. I used the Passap machine and short rowed the stocking like a sock. I think I could have finished a larger one faster than this one! The carpet stitch is the cuff.

Passap E 6000 Carpet Stitch Dusting Mitt

This is a dusting mitt that I made from a pattern that Diana from Pullman, WA sent to me. After I posted my samples, she emailed me and told me that the stitch looked correct and that she made dusting mitts using this stitch. The first cone of variagated yarn I picked out of my supply was Bramwell 4 ply which is what the pattern called for.This was a lot of fun to make. I had to learn how to do 2×2 rib first. Then while following the pattern(easy) I realized that the carpet stitch is not all the way around the mitt. It is centered on the middle 34 needles. This comes out in a square, and at the top, every other stitch is transferred , knit two rows and gather off. Then the back is sewn up. So now, the settings to do the carpet stitch without a pattern are FX on BB with left arrow in and Cx on the front bed . Pushers on back bed every other one up. Knit 2 rows and remove stitches on front bed and leave needles in work. Repeat every 2 rows. These settings are what I would use to do a cuff, band of a hat and of course, this mitt.

If anyone tries this without the Stitch Ditcher or whatever it is called, you will have to tighten the tension on the front bed because if loops are too big, when pulling needles down after pushing up to release the stitches, the yarn catches on all the needles because the latches don’t close.  I had to lower tension almost a whole number so my loops don’t look real large.

I hope I have not confused everyone too much!! Now you won’t try it at all. lol

Passap E 6000 Carpet Stitch 1 & 2 Colors

I finally did it. I found instructions in a seminar manual that came with my machine. The sample on the left has the carpet stitch in the design only. The sample to the right is a two color carpet stitch and both colors are the carpet stitch. It is too long to write how I did this but if you want the directions you can email me and I will send in pdf file. The previous blog is good for  cuffs and the tops of Christmas stockings. Would also look nice on the brim of a hat. I received an email from Diana of Pullman, WA and she said she uses the carpet stitch to make dust mitts! Good idea Diana!

Passap E 6000 Carpet Stitch

I am having problems with reading directions for the carpet stitch. I don’t think they are detailed enough for a beginner like me. So…..I played around and this is what I have and it looks like it is right to me or let’s just say, I would be happy with this on a sleeve cuff or top of a Christmas stocking. After casting on I transferred all front stitches to the back bed and then I knitted two rows EX on back bed and CX on front bed. The pushers on the back bed were every other one and no arrows.  Then I knitted two rows N on back bed and GX on front bed. Then I took the orange comb and pushed all stitches off  front bed needles and left them in working position. I repeated these two steps and that is what made this pattern. I had a tighter tension on the back bed and I used Trenzi yarn in sample.

This picture is a close up of the loops of the stitches that are dropped from front bed.

This was my first try . (well…my first ones are in the scrap pile) I just did a circular cast on . When I finished trying the stitch I knit a couple of rows and then transferred the back stitches to the front and knitted a couple of more rows.