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Non Roll Edge for Machine Knitting

Knit Side

Knit Side

Purl Side

Purl Side



I came across a non roll edge in Knitting Machine News and Views. I just used a bulky yarn to see how this would turn out. On the side that you want your non roll edge, just pull out 2,3,or 4 stitches at the edge to hold position. Take a separate piece of yarn and e wrap those needles and knit one row. Then reverse e wrap those same stitches going back. Continue e wrapping for entire length. This might not be new to a lot of you but what I noticed when I was done was the really nice spaces if you wanted to crochet your edge . The e wrapping gives it stability and prevents curling of the edge if you do too many crochets on an edge without this technique. I crocheted a row and chained three for a buttonhole. Then I chained a second row. This is an ideal way to do a band especially if you don’t have a ribber.

Of course, if you are using the passap you would e wrap but  not put the needles to hold.

Wool Knitted Short Jacket on Brother Bulky



I started this jacket a couple of weeks back. It was supposed to be a vest at first. It did not look good as a vest (on me that is)so I let it sit unfinished and thought it would go in the scrap pile. Then I decided to put sleeves on it. The idea behind this  project was to try Diane Sullivan’s no roll edge for the front band and to put a zipper in the way that I posted on my blog in October 17, 2014.

So….now that it is finished,  it is good for walking the dog. lol

I used Lyon Brand wool Natural. I used tension 4. The cuffs and bottom band start out every other needle . The zipper is cream even though it looks white. I wanted the jacket this length but it should be about an inch longer.  I  think the downfall on the zipper was the non roll edge. I was afraid to put the edge over the zipper in case it got caught in the yarn. The funny thing is how the neck turned out. It is the same Diane Sullivan’s no roll edge pattern done horizontally and more rows. I was really surprised it did not match the front when I finished with it. I liked it though and went ahead and attached it using the sandwich method(Not cut and sew). I figured if I wore it open, I did not want a seam showing. I think it is plain but don’t know that embellishing would help. ?

It fits and the arms look long but I have long arms and it is perfect length. At least I finished it and don’t have a guilty feeling hanging over me that it was scrapped.DSCF0290

Knitted Bib Overalls Wine Bottle Cover on the Bulky



I saw the cutest wine bottle cover in a denim fabric in the hospital gift shop. I thought it was so cute. I wondered if I could knit it. I had the first one I made in a Christmas green come out the right size and fit . It was so plain. So then I knitted the red one and put a motif on the pocket and added a hat. So now I am at Joann fabric store with my girlfriend and I was looking for a yarn in blue denim and I came across camo. Bingo! I am going to do one in camo for fisherman. This outfit looks like the waders that fisherman use. Okay, I searched for a miniature fishing rod and they have ones that are six inches which are perfect. I have to buy them. So then I think, okay this could work for a hunter too. So now I have to look for a bright orange yarn for the hat . I found a miniature gun already. I was thinking this would be a cute gift to give a fisherman or a hunter for a birthday gift or Christmas gift.

Then all of a sudden ,Boom, a light bulb goes off in my head and I thought , how about an army soldier! Lol. So off I go to knit another one and I put my husbands army pin on the pocket. So, do I try to make a helmet or a cap. I got out my crochet hook and crocheted a hat with the brim. I am looking for a little sign that says “Thank you ” or ” Welcome Home” to put in the pocket . I am thinking something like this might sell. How nice to give a gift to say thank you for your service.

Okay, you can stop laughing at my ideas. 🙂 Joann fabrics was out of the little suspenders that I wanted. They only had the large ones. So I found a fabric gatherer and used the ends of it instead. I could use buttons also but the suspenders let you open the top to put the bottle in.

I did a tension swatch and then I drew the pattern on paper. Then I cut the pattern out and held it to the machine like a knit leader to tell me when to decrease for the front and back. I ended up doing the straps as bias strips where you decrease on one side and increase on the other. The first one I made a front and back separately. The second one I did in one piece until the shaping for the front and back. I took one side off on waste yarn while I worked on the other. When I was finished, I sewed the side seam and then crocheted around the whole thing. The red yarn is worsted, very thick, and maybe it is the One Pound . The camo is red heart super saver and is thinner. Surprisingly, I did a tension swatch and both patterns work out about the same give or take a stitch or two or a row or two. I also could have started this circular but it is not so hard to sew up a short side seam. Besides, I did a weaving cast on for gathering at the bottom.

Hmmm….I wonder what a felted one would look like. lol







Knitted Wool Pocket Scarf

Pocket Scarf

I found this pattern in a book I borrowed from the library. It is a hand knitting pattern but I adapted it to the Bulky Machine. This can be done on any machine even without a ribber if you want to reform the stitches. The pattern calls for 10 ounces of Homespun yarn by Lion Brand. Will have to check that yarn out.

The book is called 24-Hour Knitting Projects by Rita Weiss. The author of the pattern is Sandy Scoville. She calls it a Pocket Shawl. I made it a scarf and wish I had done it as a shawl.  Her finished size is 12 inches by 64. My finished scarf is 6 inches by 63 inches.

I just wanted to try it and I have  a thick navy yarn that was too thick for the brother standard. Yep, that will work. Searched and found it. Knit, knit , knit and all finished. Uh, no, I grabbed the wrong yarn and did not realize it until I went to post this blog! lol  I ended up making it in Nordic Classic Wool by Heirloom.  This project took 4 ounces of yarn. And to make matters worse, it states what tension to use on the Brother. I used tension 5.. and it suggests 8.. but don’t know if that is using the standard or bulky-doesn’t say.

Oh well, it is a less than 24 hour project. The color is navy even though it looks royal blue. It is the lights in my knitting room that throw the color off.  You could put a buttonhole in the pocket but I just put a button on to decorate.

It is unique how the pockets are sewn on the sides. The edge of the pocket fits right into the groove made by the purl stitch in the 3 by 1 rib scarf. You don’t stretch the pocket to fit. You can see that in the pictures in the drop box.

If anyone wants to try it, you can get the book from the library or go to my drop box for machine conversion pattern.


My First Felted Purse

This is my very first felted purse that I did by myself . Of course, I was coached by my best supporter and designer, Linda. I didn’t even burn my hands in the water when I felted it. This was knitted in a unique way. I could not picture what it was going to come out like. The front and back are two seperate pieces. They are knit straight and decreased every two rows on the 15th needle from each end. When one piece is finished, the cream color stitches are brought together and grafted and the piece takes on the shape that it is. The two pieces are crocheted together with wrong sides together. The flap is added before the cord and knitted the same way the front and backs are knitted. I did not know how to do the crab stitch for finishing around the flap but thank goodness for videos on the internet. I finished that and then felted. The color of this is a taupe for the main color, charcoal for the second color and cream for the third color. One picture that I took came out looking like grey, black and white and that is the color I will try next. Also, would make a little larger.  I have to find a button for the closure on front.