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Christmas Stocking Ornament and Gift Card Holder all in One

A girl I work with saw the little stocking ornaments I made and she suggested making one large enough to hold a gift card, theater tickets, concert tickets or money. I thought it was a good idea . I just made it larger knitting the same as the other ones. I gathered the stitches at the toe instead of grafting them and it is cute and easier. This one measures 3 inches wide by 5 inches long.  I used Bramwell yarn . This was done on the Passap E 6000. It is for sale in my Etsy Store.

Transfer Lace Sweater on the Passap using the U100

I finished this sweater late last night. It fits me nicely. I used the U100 to transfer stitches from the front bed every four rows. It is pattern 1033 and technique 280. I did set in sleeves since drop shoulder sweaters look terrible on me.

I am not that familiar with doing necklines on the passap yet so I did a simple one. I added up the neck stitches I would need. I cast on and did a 2×2 rib for 60 rows starting with tension 7. I changed tension every ten rows and ended up with tension 5.. at row 60. I transferred all front bed stitches to the back and then hung the sweater with the right side facing me and knitted one row by hand. Then I knitted 6 rows at a looser tension like 5 or 6 and took off on waste yarn. Then I folded the edge down and backstitched through the open stitches  of  the last row of stockinette stitch. I used the “sandwhich” because when the neck folds over, it gives it a nice finished look.

I steam the waste yarn and the rows of stockinette of the band so that when I unravel the waste yarn, the stitches don’t go anywhere. This part of hand work I actually enjoy doing. It does not take long at all once you do it several times.

This is not a dressy yarn. I used Bramwell 4 ply yarn. I have had this yarn for years . I liked the flecks of color in it . I bought it when I first started to make sweaters. I made simple ones to get the fit right and used the yarn to add a little to the plain sweater. This design however would have shown up better with a plain color. You can see through this so I will wear a tan round neck top under it. It has a nice look with the other color showing through. I also attached the sleeves on the machine.  Now……what should I do next!

Passap E 6000 Carpet Stitch Dusting Mitt

This is a dusting mitt that I made from a pattern that Diana from Pullman, WA sent to me. After I posted my samples, she emailed me and told me that the stitch looked correct and that she made dusting mitts using this stitch. The first cone of variagated yarn I picked out of my supply was Bramwell 4 ply which is what the pattern called for.This was a lot of fun to make. I had to learn how to do 2×2 rib first. Then while following the pattern(easy) I realized that the carpet stitch is not all the way around the mitt. It is centered on the middle 34 needles. This comes out in a square, and at the top, every other stitch is transferred , knit two rows and gather off. Then the back is sewn up. So now, the settings to do the carpet stitch without a pattern are FX on BB with left arrow in and Cx on the front bed . Pushers on back bed every other one up. Knit 2 rows and remove stitches on front bed and leave needles in work. Repeat every 2 rows. These settings are what I would use to do a cuff, band of a hat and of course, this mitt.

If anyone tries this without the Stitch Ditcher or whatever it is called, you will have to tighten the tension on the front bed because if loops are too big, when pulling needles down after pushing up to release the stitches, the yarn catches on all the needles because the latches don’t close.  I had to lower tension almost a whole number so my loops don’t look real large.

I hope I have not confused everyone too much!! Now you won’t try it at all. lol

Jumper for child size 2-4

This is a jumper I made using Bramwell 4 ply yarn on the standard machine. I made the pocket using the passap machine using 3 colors and no floats on inside of pocket . This fits a child from size two to four. This looks cute with a white or red turtleneck under it. The second picture is a jumper I made for a friend’s daughter in a size four.

This is for sale in my Etsy store.

Tamm & Bramwell Scarf

This is a scarf made withTamm 3 ply yarn as the main yarn and Bramwell’s Instant Fairisle yarn as the second one. It is 5 ounces in weight and measures 6 inches by 66 inches. It was made on the passap and it is for sale in my Etsy store.