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Bernat Sox on Passap

This is another Bernat Sox yarn called HippieHot. I decreased my tension to 6.5 on body of sock and it is the best so far. I had one and a quarter ounces of yarn left out of 100 grams after making these socks.

These socks are now for sale in my Etsy Store, CCKitten Knits Etsy

Bernat Sox on the Passap Machine

This is another pair of socks made with Bernat Sox yarn. I had 1/2 ounce of yarn left after the last pair I made so on this pair I made the ankle shorter(2 inches) and the rib longer. I like it even better. I have not washed this pair yet but stitches will close a little more. I solved a problem that all people that knit socks run in to. That is , holding down on the work while short rowing the heel. In the second picture you will see what I did. I did not have a problem with stitches rising up on needles until I short rowed the heel back out to the original number of stitches. In the picture you will see that once I short rowed in, I placed a piece of ravel cord on each side of the stitches that are left before completing heel. I used a latch tool to pull the piece of ravel cord down between the beds. I made it long enough that I could hold it with my knees until I completed the heel. On the Passap machine, the beds are so close together that it is hard to get a weight in there to hold the heel. I could have tied the ends of the ravel cord together to hold weight also. This works for me!




Sock Knitted in the round on the Passap E 6000 machine

I was in the checkout at the Joann Fabric Stores and they had sock yarn on sale at the register. I bought one and it said that one pair could be made from one skein. Here is the first one I did and I did the short rowing correctly this time because the pattern told you specifically how to do it. I don’t know the author but the title on the pattern just says Passap  Socks Knitted in the Round. The sock yarn really looked like it was thin and that is why I thought I would try it on the Passap.When I did my tension swatch it turned out that I had to use a tension of 7 and that surprised me but they came out nice weight and fit. The next day I bought three more skeins and now I think it was a closeout on the yarn since it is all gone now. The brand is Bernat Sox and it is 100 grams in one ball. I will have left over of the one ball after I make the second sock so I felt that this was a good deal. I am going to check online and see if it is still made. Yep, I found it online and it sells for $6.97 a skein.