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Child’s Bubble Tuck Hat by Ruth Schnell made on the Passap E 6000

Ruth Schnell Tuck    Stitch Hat

Ruth Schnell Tuck Stitch Hat

Ruth Schnell did it again! Another cute hat pattern that is easy to do on the Passap E 6000 and can be done on any machine with tuck capabilities. I had the pleasure of hearing from her after I posted the other little hat that she designed. She wondered if anyone every made any of the hat patterns that she designed. Yes!

This pattern is in the same book as the other little hat. In Knitters magazine Vol5 No.19.

It has a roll brim and a tuck stitch pattern. Unfortunately you can’t see the little Bubbles of the pattern but they are definitely there as you can see in the close up picture.


On the passap I cast on double bed, hang the comb and then drop the BB stitches. If the comb drops, you did it wrong. I knit several rows of scrap yarn and then one row of ravel cord. I made a small size using 114 stitches since my design was 8 stitches and 8 rows. I e wrapped from the left side knitting the stitch at the same time . Then I set my tension dial at 5… for ten rows of stockinet stitch, 5.. for ten rows of stockinet and then 5. for ten rows and for the rest of the hat. I used pattern 1034 and technique 130.

I knitted 109 rows of tuck and carriage on the left. I knit one row of stockinet . RC 110. Transfer every other stitch for eyelets and keep needles in work. I then knit 11 rows of stockinet, COL and changed to white yarn. I knit one row to the right at same tension and then one last row to the left at tension 8. I took off on waste yarn and then she tells you to knit one stitch through the next for the bind off. I then steamed the top stockinet while the waste yarn was on for a nice edge. Remove waste yarn and sew up the side. I knit a cord on the Brother machine. I used four stitches and TD 4 until I had 12 inches for the cord. I think it is adorable.

Here is the link on how I made this. It is a small and fits a size head that is 16 to 18 inches.