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Knitted Crochet Look Edgings done on the Passap

This is the first of several Knitted Crochet Look Edgings I will be doing on the Passap. I found them in a Machine Knitters Source Sept/Oct of 2000 Volume 16 No 98. They were created by Penny Ragland and are from her book Creative Edgings. I did not do this in cotton and wonder if that is why it does not look as good as the book. I used Diamonte.  I will try again with a cotton and see if there is a difference in the look. I also am not sure I racked the right way since this was the second try at this hem.

I was hoping if you left clicked on the directions you could see them but it is too small. If you left click on the directions and put your zoom level to 150% you will be able to read it.