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Passap Pocket In Stocking Stitch Garment

This is a pocket by Doris Paice that I found in a Duet International Magazine Number 9, Winter 1991. The ribbed hem at the top of the pocket does not have to be sewn down after the knitting is completed. Left click mouse on picture to make larger to see detail.The pocket on the left is the correct way. The pocket on the right is the wrong way-the first one I tried. The pattern said to put up the pushers but did not specify which bed. So, naturally, I picked the wrong bed! Once I saw how it was made, I was able to figure out what went wrong-of course, this was while I was in bed at 3 am!

┬áIt is a uniqe idea and she is right, you don’t have to sew down the ribbing. If you would like to try this pocket , email me for directions.

Passap Pocket with Mock Piping

This pocket is the same as the polo pocket but it has piping instead of the 1×1 rib. The whole pocket is finished except for sewing the linings and edges when the piece is done. I have to say that I am really glad that I have the tricofit. It binds off these samples quickly so I can move on to something else. This is the last sample of pockets.

Vertical Slit Pocket on the Passap

This is a Vertical Slit pocket done on the passap in double bed knit. I think this would look good on a regular stockinette stitch sweater. Don’t know that I like the pocket going straight across. Items would fall out so I think this would be for warming hands or just decoration. Too much work for decoration for me ! The pocket is made first and attached by hand after and it is single knit fabric to eliminate bulk in front.

Polo Pocket on the Passap

This is a polo pocket done on the passap. Very easy and I like it that the pocket is finished when you take it off of machine.(except for sewing sides of lining)You start the lining with waste yarn and end with waste yarn. After first part of lining is attached, you go into ribbing setup and bind off after knitting rib rows. This is from passap university book 1989. Email me if you would like instructions.