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Embossed Diamonds on a Scarf


I made this scarf on the Brother Bulky because the sequins get caught in the needles on the passap . The yarn is Paton’s Lace.  I used the embossed diamonds design from a baby jacket I made awhile back that was in the Machine Knitting News magazine dated September of 1998. If you click on the picture you will see that the left side of the scarf is the back side of the design.  The right side is the front side of the scarf. It would not look bad with either side showing.

I thought, gee, I bet the edges won’t curl if I do the scarf in full needle rib. And they don’t. I used TD 5 on both beds. After I knit 7 rows of full needle rib, I transferred 3 stitches each side of the middle ribber stitch to the top bed. That is for the diamond. Then I transferred two more stitches on each side of those to the top bed to give room next to the ribbing. All the ribber needles that stitches  were transferred are left in non working position. When you do this there is an odd amount of needles for the diamond(on the ribber) so you have to be sure your borders are the same amount of needles. You knit 2 rows, and bring one needle on each side of middle ribber needle into work(now 3 stitches) Knit 2 rows and bring up the second stitch from the middle ribber needle into work.(now 5 stitches) Knit 2 rows and then bring the third needle from the middle ribber stitch into work (now 7 stitches) . Knit two rows and start decreasing 2 stitches on the ends until one stitch left(6 rows) Repeat that for the total design. This scarf is 24 stitches wide and the width comes to not quite 5 and 1/2 half inches.  The length is 60 inches. I knitted 24 diamonds. Each diamond pattern is 12 rows. I added 7 rows at the beginning and ends for the enclosed border.

Paton’s lace yarn is so soft and nice around the neck. You don’t feel the sequins either. It is hard to see the sequins in the picture but they sparkle nicely. I also used less than one skein of the yarn. There was more left if you wanted it even longer.

Here is the needle set up when you do the diamonds.

NEEDLE SET UPOn my scarf I have 24 main bed stitches and 23 ribber stitches.  On the ribber on each end there would be six in working position and eight more needles in work on the top bed.

Knitted Scarf With Cables and Sequins

This is a scarf that I knitted on the Brother Bulky Machine. It is Paton’s Lace yarn with sequins. I took a picture in the sun just to see what the sequins would look like and boy do they POP out. The yarn is a dark black. The design is three cables down the middle. It was knit using both beds. I am trying to make things for my Etsy store in the fall. I made a ruby scarf like this for myself since I love the feel of the yarn around my neck. It is light and airy and soft and warm . If you left click on the picture you can see a closer picture of the sequins.

Potato Chip Scarf made with Pirouette Yarn

I made this Scarf with a yarn that is like Starbella and costs the same. It is called Pirouette by Patons. I was surprised when it did not come out as long as I wanted it to and found it only has three ounces to the skein. I can’t remember if I had to use two of starbella for the long white one that I made. It has an edge on it that is soft balls in a velour like yarn. It also has sequins and it is in different shades of blue. It measures 36 inches long and it will look nice just hanging around the neck. I must say that this yarn feels as soft around the neck as the Starbella does.

If you left click on the picture with your mouse you can see the detail in the yarn.

Knitted Lace Sequin Scarf

I knitted this scarf on the Brother Bulky Machine. The yarn is Patons Sequin Lace. I used 38 stitches and tension five. There are five six stitche cables , three on the main bed and two on the ribber. On each end there are four stitches in a 1×1 position. I knitted 300 rows and scarf is 4 inches wide and 65 to 66 inches long. I e-wrap cast on , knit one row and transferred stitches to ribber in positon I mentioned. I knit six rows and crossed the stitches on the main bed cables, crossing the right to the left all the time(did same on ribber).I knitted six more rows and only crossed the two cables on the ribber. I continued like this until the end using one light claw weight from my Brother 965i to keep the stitches from popping off the ribber. When I finished the scarf I transferred all stitches to the main bed and cast off loosely NOT around the gate posts.

For some reason the sequins really show up in the picture. The color is a teal blue.

On the scarf that looks like it is around a neck, look at the left side of the scarf hanging down. You will see three cables. Now look closely at the right side(left click on mouse) and you will only see two cables. That is because it is the wrong side showing and you can’t tell while wearing if you twist the scarf by mistake. I like the way the ends flare out . If you don’t like this look if you make it just start with cables on the 2nd row to pull the work in. End the same also.

I have been having trouble big time with posting this blog tonight and I apologize. I don’t know if it is the program or my computer acting up. Sorry 😦

Lace Sequin Scarf

This is another scarf I made for my boss’s wife. It is the same as the red one but you can see the cables better in this color. It is made on the Bulky. E wrap cast on (39 stitches) main bed. Transfer stitches you want to the ribber . I used Tension 5 on both beds. I used cast on comb but no weights.  I knit this one 245 rows because she wanted a shorter one. This one is 55 inches long . I transferred stitches to the main bed and cast off loosely and NOT around the gate pegs. You can see some of the sequins if you left click to enlarge the picture.

Soft Knitted Scarf with 9 Stitch Cable and Sequins

This is another scarf like the white one that I made with Patons Lace Yarn. Did I mention how much I like this yarn? lol. It is so soft and pretty. I used my Brother Bulky and 39 stitches. I put in two four stitch cables on either side of the nine stitch cable with alternating one by one stitches between the cables. On the middle cable, I crossed the right  cable with the center one being moved to the outside first. Six rows later, I crossed the ldft side with the middle one going to the outside.If you do it the opposite of this it does not look as nice-I tried it. The scarf is 306 rows and it is 6 inches wide and 66 inches long. I think I am keeping this for myself since I love the color red. The second picture shows it up close so you can see the cables. Click on the picture to make it larger.

Soft Knitted Scarf with Cables and Sequins

I knitted this scarf in a very soft yarn that has acrylic, polyester, mohair and wool. It is soft and airy and has tiny little sequins throughout the scarf. It is called Lace Sequin by Patons The sequins  can be seen if you look real close at the second picture. (left click on picture to make larger.) It is easy to care for. Machine wash and lay flat to dry. The scarf measures 5 inches wide and about 64 inches long.  It took one ball of the yarn. I tried to make this on the Passap machine but the hole of the sequins would catch on the needle and not knit off. So I used a tension five on the Bulky machine , 39 stitches and knitted about 310 rows. I hand transferred for all of the cables. The scarf took a couple of hours to make since I went slowly because of the sequins and it took time to hand transfer the cables. I really like the soft fuzzy feel of this yarn. This scarf is for sale in my Etsy store.