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Passap E6000 Lydias Afghans Series 4



I made another afghan because I have yarn that is multiplying as I type this. This is another one of Lydia’s pattern and I did not have pusher issues that I can see. It leads me to believe my previous problems with the afghan were the file. I love this design but the afghan was only 924 rows so it can only be used as a lap afghan or a chair back cover. I decided to make a pillow using one section of the pattern . I had the pillow form and put it on the afghan to figure what size I wanted it. Then I went into the program and copied and pasted into a new file just for the pillow. The pillow form was 16 by 16 and the size came out perfect . When I finished both squares(I knitted the same pattern for the back so it is reversible) I then placed wrong sides together and crocheted through both sides around the pillow. Before  closing the fourth side, I inserted the pillow.  The crocheting around the pillow took longer than it did to knit the two pieces. haha

I think the prettiest thing about the pattern is the color that I used for the leaves. It looks tan but it is a very very light color of olive green. The finished size is only 34 inches wide by 44 inches long.

Passap Shawl That Was On My Bucket List!

Panna Frost Flower Lace Shawl pattern by Foldi that  I knitted .

Panna Frost Flower Lace Shawl pattern by Foldi that I knitted .

Pana Frost Flower Shawl

Yep, I had this on my bucket list for over 2 years when I bought my passap machine. It is a fee pattern by FoldiKnits. Here is the link.
I started this shawl and when I got to row 13 you reset your row counter to 0. Okay, so now I look at section 2 and I realize you have to knit that section 3 times! I did not realize that but I continued on thinking this is going to take forever. And yep, it did! When I did the second half of the scarf I got it down to a day and a half!. I know I have at least 25 to 40 hours in this project and I am quite proud that I stayed with it and finished. I like the idea of making each half and grafting the two together. The funny thing is what kept me going is that I wanted to see it. Of course, on the passap the work has to be down quite a bit to see it underneath. So I was really motivated. When it got longer I was in awe of the design. When I finished the first half I did not feel like ” Oh no, now I have to do it again.’ I knew what I was doing the second time and it was much faster. I typed up the helpful tips for you if you want to make this.

Go to her sight and download the pattern. Make several copies of the graph on page six and you will see what to do with them in my directions.
If you don’t want to spend that much of your life on one of these, I think just doing each of the sections 2 times would look nice also. What I like about this is the directions she has are clear. There is a mistake on page 3. The second transfer down should say transfer stitch to the right.

I do have another passap project on my bucket list but this is enough for me now. I need something easy. lol Actually this was easy but very time consuming.  My hubby and friends wondered what happened to me since no one has heard from me. lol  I call my knitting room my woman cave and after being in there day and night, my husband is calling me a cave dweller. 🙂

I enjoyed doing this and watching the snow coming down by the inch while I was at it.

Felted Purse with Metal Handle and Knitted Flowers

My friend Linda from Craft Gossip gave me a purse she knitted and felted with this handle on it.(Noni pattern) The problem was that when you opened the purse and then closed it, the metal sides ended up on the outside of the purse. I took the measurements of her purse, added an extra inch at the sides and figured out the stitch and row gauge for my pattern. As you can see from her pattern, the shape has changed at the top but not drastically.  I have not put the handle in permanently yet and it is a good thing. I want it where the ball clasp is on the right side for balance. I have to correct the smallest flower. By the way, I did crochet the filet lace table runner that this is on. It took me 7 years of working on it only on vacation in the fall and some at home. When I got close to the end, it motivated me to finish it. It is 41 inches long by 28 inches in width. I made a matching one for my smaller table that is 18 by 25.


I love Linda’s choice of colors. Unfortunately, I did not have that color. She crocheted her three flowers and I knitted mine. Information on the knitted flowers are in one of my previous posts. (October of 2011)

I Solved the Problem

Okay, I will fess up. The real problem here was that I only had 4 feet of light grey yarn left. So I decided to embroider the flowers on the slippers themselves.

How I Knitted The Flower

This is the flower from the previous post once it comes off of the knitting machine. You start with a multiple of five stitches. I used forty stitches.Use weaving cast on so you can draw petals together after you are finished. Put all needles left of the first five on the right into the hold position. Set hold button. Knit five rows on the first five needles. Decrease 2 stitches of the five and knit 2 rows. Decrease to one stitche and knit one row. COR Take last stitch left and place it on the first needle of the next group of five to the left.  Push these needles back to knit on them for the next petal. When finished, it will look like picture.

In the second picture you pull on the end starting piece of yarn to draw into a circle and connect to the other end and draw tight and tie. On the last petal you will see your yarn end. Draw this under the petal to form like the rest and tie it off. It is very easy to do and it looks cute.

Machine Knitted Flower

I knitted this flower on my Brother Bulky Machine only because that was the machine I was working on before I tried this flower. It helped that it was larger to see what I was doing. It is made from fisherman’s wool. The pattern is in Hand Manipulated Stitches for Machine Knitters by Susan Guagliumi. This can be made on any machine. I backstitched around each of the petals in darker color and then I put about 4 or 5 french knots in the center. In the flowers in the picture below I knitted the centers starting on 3 stitches , increasing to 5 and then decreasing to 3 stitches .