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Passap Mini Lovey Blankie by Lorraine Pistorio


I bought the Mini Lovey Blankie Minagerie Pattern from Lorraine Pistorio and I am not disappointed! Another wonderful illustrated and well written pattern. For the price you would expect to only get one design but you get all six animal designs and the blankets also.

You can find it here.

Well you know I am not one to hand knit a blanket since I have the passap so I went to work and made a blankie on the Passap E6000. It was so quick and I used the console to make the blankie and added borders.  My blankie is 17 inches by 17 inches and comes off the machine finished. To match the collar I used five strands of 2/24 that I used for the blanket and I hand knit that. It came out the right size. I used a four ply yarn that I had for the bear. I hand knit all of him because I was away from home at the time but you can do the arms on the machine very easily.(Bulky machine)

If you would like to make this little blankie, buy her pattern for the heads, all the information is at this drop box link for the blankie including how to program the console to knit borders. This can be done on the DM80 and I included the picture of the punchcard for the DM80. Don’t ask me how to do anything else on the DM 80 because I could not help you. 😦

This little blankie is great for putting over the baby in a car seat without all the hassle of carrying a large one. Great for putting it over the baby while carrying it on your shoulder. Great for putting it over the baby in one of the carrying holders.

I can’t wait to do the bunny blankie.

Turtleneck Dickie on the Passap


This is another dickie that I made on the passap and I put a turtleneck on it. It looks purple but it is plum and matches the sweater pretty good. I increased my tension from four to 5.5 and it came out the dimensions that the pattern called for. It is two strands of 224.The sweater I made on my Brother years ago and it is my favorite wool Jaggerspun Maine Line 2/8

Knitted Dickie with Single Scallop Neckband

This is a dickie pattern used to learn neck lines. The bottom right picture shows the front neckline and how I shortrowed and it came out perfect. The bottom left picture shows the Double E Wrap Cast on for single bed. This was new for me. The top left is the finished dickie. The top right is “I don’t know what!!” I could not follow the pattern. It made no sense to me. So I did what I thought would be done and what I learned on my Brother machine about scallops. This neckline does not look like the picture at all. However, I do think that this machine is a challenge and if a pattern is wrong, it sure can be frustrating. Let me tell you what the pattern says. The pattern has 25 steps. On step 13 in capital letters is says “NO PUSHERS in work on the front bed.” Step 14 says to set back lock at AX-front lock at N. Step 15 says Change to contrast color yarn. Step 16 says Knit 8 rows and remove pushers on front bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where does it say between those steps to put up pushers ? UGHHHHHHHHHHHH! WEll, it is kind of pretty