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Red Heart Scrubby on the Standard Machine


My friend Patty gave me a scrubby (purple one) she made following Diane Sullivan’s video and using Red Heart scrubby sparkle yarn on a mid gauge machine. I love these scrubbys the best. I bought one at a craft show last year and they are my favorite. They are light, wash well in the washing machine and hold up in the dryer. And you don’t even have to put them in the dryer. Let them air dry.

Well, I don’t have a mid gauge machine so I bought some yarn and decided to try one. I used every needle on the Brother standard machine and it was too tight. Then I tried the Brother Bulky and it was too large. Then I tried every other needle and tension 8(her tension in video) on my standard machine and it would not go into a circle when I finished. I finally turned the tension up to the highest position and the mast tension to the loosest setting and it came out very close in size and weight.

Here is what I did .
Red Heart Scrubby made on the standard machine

Set tension dial at 10 and your mast tension the loosest setting (all the way to the negative sign)

Set up every other needle from 41 left to 40 right.

Push back to non working position every other needle. You will have 3 non working needles between each working needle. Put yarn in and knit one row to the left. Hang comb. Bring into work the middle needle from the NON WORKING needles. Your set up will now be every other needle. Knit across row. This is a weaving cast on so you can gather the stitches when finished.

Knit 30  rows . Carriage on the right. Cut yarn and take work off on a bodkin and gather stitches.
I was able to make six scrubbys from one ball of yarn. I paid $2.50 at Joannes for the yarn . It was $5.00 but I had a 50% coupon. So the cost was 42 cents a scrubby.
Suggestion: When you start and finish, do not leave a long tail of yarn because it gets longer when you gather stitches. Only leave about a six inch tail . It will then be long enough to sew up the side. I only had about 12 inches of yarn left after my last scrubby but I did some of them at 32 rows and some at 30 rows.

Watch Diane Sullivan’s video on how to make a scrubby on the mid gauge machine for more detail.

Oh, on a funny note, the power went off so I decided to knit since I could not run the sewing machine. I finished all six of the scrubbys and walked into the kitchen and the power came back on. Do you think it was an omen for me to get back to knitting? lol I am glad it brought me back since all I have been doing is sewing.

Here is my latest sewing/quilted Christmas wall hanging.

I will be knitting again since I saw a cute poncho I would wear in one of Charlene Schaeffer’s knitting books.


Passap Dishcloth using Tech 153


I am knitting up strips of fabric using the different techniques to help some new passap knitters. I came across this technique for a reversible fabric. Great technique for a dish cloth or wash cloth. I don’t check the yahoo passap files but I am sure that it is written somewhere , where the book is wrong on this technique but the console is right. The book says to knit four rows of KX/GX and 2 rows of KX/N. It is the opposite.You will find this out when you go to knit and the console tells you differently.

I used cotton and made this longer than the first one I did because of shrinkage. I have explained in the directions what happens when you knit using this technique. Great beginner project and watch what the machine is doing. My color one was pink and the one side comes out with the second color dominating. So if you want a certain color as the main one in the final outcome, put it in color two position. Here are the directions.

Knitted Orange, Lemon And Lime Slice Drink Coasters

knitted slicecoastersorhotpadsdishcloth 


I do not like short rows. Repeat,  I DO NOT LIKE SHORT ROWS!

I don’t like shoulders that are short rowed, skirts that are short rowed(well…some I do)  I like short rows in socks but don’t particularly care for them anywhere else.

So why did I try this?

I went to a hand knitting seminar and there were a ton of free books and patterns. I saw this pattern for the orange, lemon and lime slice.  I thought it was cute. I also like the lime and orange colors together.  I do like to hand knit once in awhile especially while sitting on the patio on a warm day. And since we have had a break in the weather, I was sitting outside and needed a hand knitting project.. (back to the 40’s now!) .

I never did  short rowing by hand so thought I would give it a try. It was fun to make and I like it since it is the garter stitch.  So just for the heck of it I tried the same pattern on the machine only it is stockinette.  Well, I stopped after three sections because it is not as cute, the white rows I turned for a purl row and that would upset a drink with the ridges and you would have to crochet an edge around it. So , IF I did it on the machine, I would just knit the white rows . The patterns is a free handout from Jo-Ann fabric stores from 2012. It says these are dish cloths but I like them as drink coasters or hot pads. They are a nice size for a glass or a dish. I love the festive colors in the summer. I did not put hangers on them since I am not using them as dish cloths.

Okay, back to my machines. 🙂

If you are up to a hand knitting project for the summer, here is the pattern in my drop box.

My Passap is Screaming!




My passap is screaming to be used after sitting for so long. Hubby is home from the hospital for the fifth time and doing better now.

I wanted to knit something quick to make sure I did not forget how to do things. With my brain under stress for so long it feels burnt out. lol

I took the tea cup from a hand knitting design that was on a pillow. I made a large one for myself since I have a large coffee mug. That is the first picture. It is 5 & 1/2 by 8 inches.  The smaller one is 5 & 1/8 by 6 & 1/2

I provided the pattern for the smaller one  in case someone wants to try one. You can change your colors to anything you want. I used taupe, tan and black.  The yarn I used was 2 strands of 2/24

More Felted Jelly Holders


I swear I am employed by this woman that keeps buying these wine and jelly covers from me. lol!  It is a good thing though. This pattern is half of the size of the wine bottle covers. This is 49 stitches wide . I knit a picot edge and then knitted 20 rows. I transferred half of the stitches to the ribber and knit circular for 40 rows(80 circular) Tension dial was 8..

Felted Jelly Jar Holder

DSC00036I have a lady that buys wine bottle cover from me and she wanted a jelly jar holder. This is what I came up with. It is the same pattern but half the amount of knitted rows. I would do less on the collar but she likes them wide. I used Cascade 220 yarn. I made a row of eyelets further down to run the yarn through to snug up the jar in case it was a little smaller. This is 4 inches tall to the front V and 3 inches in width.  I needle felted the stocking on.

Felted Christmas Ball Ornament with Needle Felted Cardinal

I knitted this ornament and then felted it. I then needle felted the cardinal and tree on the front. I need suggestions as to what color or type of bow to put on this. Reds are hard to match. Husband said green. I thought maybe gold and red?

Orange Creamsicle Cha Cha Scarf

This is a much longer scarf in ChaCha and it is the softest peach color. The second close up picture shows the color the best. I also made a solid black one but won’t post it since you know what the yarn looks like and the color black is black. lol

So…are you getting tired of scarves? My next post will be felted slippers that I have been working on for awhile.

Tribble-Hand knitted scrubbie

My husband took me and our car to a classic car show today and I had to have something to work on. I saw this pattern last night and I thought it was so cute. I know how to knit by hand but prefer the machine. However, I like something to work on when we go somewhere. The directions are only two rows. Basically you increase on one end and decrease on the other end on one row and then knit a plain row. The picture to the right is what it looks like before putting together. If you want the instructions go to  Have fun if you try it!

St.Patricks Day

My husband is Irish and he has been doing a lot of the cooking in our house for the last few years. Of course, I get to clean up which is okay with me. But… I thought I would be funny and make him his own dish cloth( I was in a hurry and there are some stitches that did not knit properly.) I went back to the machine and made the Irish one without mistakes and presented it to him and told him it is his if he makes corned beef and cabbage on St. Patricks Day. LOL

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