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Knitted Hat with Ear Flaps on the Brother Standard Machine

dscf0025A woman who lives outside of the United States  reached out to  me about learning the passap. She bought a passap E6000 and she is really excelling in her learning of the machine. She is a loving caregiver to a disabled child. Because she has very little time to herself, she knits in the wee hours of the morning. I think I might start doing that since she accomplishes so much and makes such good use of her time when she does knit! Recently she was telling me that she used to  make a lot of hats on another machine she had. She sent me a picture of this hat with the team logo on it and I thought it was so cute. She said it was her own pattern and she used to earn extra money making them for  people. She was kind enough to share the pattern with me and all of you. I never heard of the yarn she used so I used Can Cun and made one for a family member. The hat is so easy to make. I love the way the ear flaps are done. What took me the longest time was figuring the design into 34 rows and centering it so the back seam matched. I was just trying it out with CanCun using a tension 7. When I asked her more questions like how long the braids are, she in turn sent another sheet of information with the tensions she uses and the sizes for children through adult. She uses the same amount of stitches but adjusts the tension for the sizes. Now that I like!!! And the braids are so much better than making pompoms. LOL The length of the braids is your choice. I used 8 strands for each section of braids

Here is her pattern that she wrote up for me(and you 🙂

These would make great Christmas gifts . They don’t take long to make, not a lot of sewing of seams and they are cute !  On my navy and white hat I used a fuzzy acrylic yarn that sort of feels like angora. However, I just realized that I forgot to raise my tension for one row when I hung the band. You can see a ridge but I think a light steam might help.



Snowman Ornament

IMG_20151201_172058789~2My sister is putting a lot of snowmen on her Christmas tree this year. I saw this snowman on Pinterest with just the glass ball and white snow inside and the painted face. Well, I did not have snow so I used salt. Stop laughing!! Then I decided to try knitting a little black top hat. I  think it came out cute. I used 2/24 yarn and I made the brim on the Brother 940 electronic and I hung that on the Passap machine and knitted circular to finish the top part.  It took no time at all. I used a 1&1/2 inch glass ball. I painted the eyes, mouth and nose . If you don’t want to knit circular I have directions for knitting straight on the single bed.Here is how I did it . This is a good lesson for short rowing for beginners.

Passap E 6000 Wine Bottle Hat and Scarf Set


When it started to snow today I heard my wine bottle singing “Baby it’s cold outside”  So I had to do the only right thing I could think of. And that was to make a little hat and scarf for it. 🙂

Actually I was knitting a scarf for an order of the felted wine bottle cover with this scarf. So I looked at the scarf and wondered about a hat. It took me three tries to get it right. The second one would have been good except that I forgot to put the back bed pushers into position . The design came out but the piece was way larger.

I made the scarf long so it will wrap around the neck of the bottle two times. You can decide how long to make it if you try this. Here are my directions in my drop box if anyone wants to give it a go. Good experience if you are just learning. The pattern is 1259 and I used technique 188. If you have any questions, just email me.

Please do not sell this as your pattern. It is for your enjoyment with knitting on your machines.

Now I am off to have a glass of wine to shut this bottle up!

Child’s Ribbed Hat Any Machine


It was a rainy cold day yesterday and I had an area in my knitting room to clean up. I came across this little hat in an “In Knitters” book, Volume 5 No. 19,  that I picked up at a seminar last spring. It is designed by Ruth Schnell. She gives the hand version and machine knitting version. I love it. I hate to make pompoms even though I have nice pompom makers. I made this on the passap since it is my favorite. It took less than 20 minutes to knit it. I used two strands of  2/24 yarn though she calls for Tamm 3 ply astacryl.  There are three children’s sizes S,M, L to fit 18″,20″,22″ head circumference. She casts on at tension 6 and I don’t recommend that. I used a tension 3.5 and I would go tighter than that. But remember, I am using the passap.  Then you set up needles in 1 by 1 rib 110(138,152) and knit for 86(94,100) rows after doing the cast on with the contrast yarn. You then transfer she says to the main bed. I used the back bed on the passap. But when you transfer you don’t put the stitches on the empty needles . You double up the stitches on the same bed. In other words, put the ribber stitch on the main bed needle that already has a stitch on it. You will have two stitches on every other needle. Then you bring the out of work needles in and knit 11 rows of stockinette stitch. (You will have a row of eyelets where you started to knit the stockinette).  Your carriage will be on the left side. Knit one row with the contrast color to the right and put your tension dial up to 10 or 8 I believe on the passap. Knit one row to the left and bind off one stitch through the next. Sew up the seam and make an “I” cord that is 12 inches long. 3 stitches with one part button in and knit about 300 rows on the Brother. I made my “I” cord on the Brother. She calls for a tension of 10 but I used a tension of 4. I did not want a big cord.


Diana Sullivan’s Entrelac Machine Knitted Hat




In September I went to a knitting machine seminar with Diana Sullivan as the demonstrator. It was excellent for beginners and advanced. I have done entrelac before but never saw where I would use it. I loved her hat when I saw it. I stayed up late  the other night just so I could finish it and see how it came out. I did this on the Bulky Brother but it can be done on any machine. This took me well into the hours of the night because there was an error in typing and I couldn’t figure it out. So I guessed and I was right.  However, I did not take any of the scrap yarn off of the eight points in case it was wrong and I had to rip back to the previous rows. Well that left a lot of strings hanging. And, as the work was getting smaller near the top I thought I would end up with dropped stitches. I didn’t and I am happy with the hat. Now I did get the yarn on sale but I will still make another one to justify the cost. I used Red Heart Worsted Weight (4) Super Saver. The colors are Buff Chamois and Aspen print. There is buff color in the variegated yarn . In the picture it does not look like it matches. It took almost 3 ounces of yarn for this hat so I will be able to make quite a few. This is a great hat to make with left over yarns. I recommend that everyone try the entrelac at least once. I would strongly recommend different colors for the rows so you don’t get confused.

And now the funny part. This hat does not look good on me! lololol

This looks great on women with longer hair. Mine disappears under the hat and it does not look good.  Of course, it is warm and would be great walking the dog at night in the dark. It fits snuggly on my head and I would probably add another block when I make it again.

I showed it to my husband when I was done and he said “It looks like a basket weave” and I said, it is but it is called entrelac and he said ” I knew they couldn’t just call it basketweave! “

Passap Christmas Baby Afghan with Hat and Booties

This is another afghan with a border around it like the previous two that I made.(One exception is that I used 224 this time Norma-lol) This is pattern 1270 and pattern was 24 by 24 so I   had to enter it 5 times to get middle design. This afghan is a nice Christmas red. It is a nice size of 40 by 43 inches. The hat and booties are from the Metbury Collection. I think the design on the hat and booties looks similar to the design of the border. They will be for sale in my Etsy shop for Baby’s First Christmas.

Half Hat Knitted on the Machine

I have a friend that bought a hat like this and wanted to know if I could make one on my machine. I tried various yarns and techniques and I will share with you what I like the best.First of all this hat is too wide for my head so I made a second one. This one is six inches wide and about 22 inches long. I crocheted around the outer edge and added a buttonhole at one end and two buttons on the other end. The flower I made came from the following web site .

In the side picture of the hat you can see the design. I don’t like the look of increases on the machine, I prefer the look of a decrease. So I made this so that both sides have decreases and look the same.

This hat is the second hat I made and it is five inches in width. I also tried a machine knitted flower and did not like it as much as the crocheted flower. In the side view of this one you can see it is narrower.

Here is how I made them: This is the smaller size.

Cast on 15 stitches with waste yarn and one row of ravel cord. Knit 24 rows stockinette stitch. On next row mark your middle needle. Transfer all stitches on the left side one stitch in doubling stitch on center needle. Knit two rows. Now on right side transfer all stitches in one stitch doubling on the center stitch and knit two rows. Remember to move the empty end needles out of work. Continue this way until you get to 6 stitches Knit two rows, Decrese to four stitches and bind off. Now rehang the stiches from the waste yarn and do the exact same for the other half except make a buttonhole on second last row. I made a two stitch buttonhole. You can also just bind off and crochet a loop on the end for the button instead of doing a buttonhole. Then I crocheted around the outer edge crocheting two single crochets, skip one space, two single crochets. If you do a buttonhole, crochet around that for strength and to keep from stretching. To make sure that your hat fits,  measure the first half and if it is half of the measurement of your head, finish. If it is too small add more rows when you rehang the second half of the band. For this project I used Lion Brand Jiffy yarn and hand fed the yarn instead of putting it through the mast. I used one claw weight and made sure to pull down work lightly after knitting each row. If you would like my hand written version of these hats, I can send them to you in a pdf file.

Child’s Hat on the Bulky Machine


I made another hat for my friend Linda for her grandson. This is what she originally wanted. I just knitted the same amount of stitches. I changed to stockinette stitch after the one inch or so of ribbing and finished like the previous one. On the other one I had a stitch size of five for the stockinette stitch but I guessed and changed to stitch size 3 for the stockinette stitch so it would not puff out. It was the right thing to do. It fits but it is not as snug around the face so she may like the other one better. Will wait to hear from her.

Child’s Hat on Brother Bulky Machine

This is a little hat that I made for my friend Linda for her grandbaby Weston. I adapted Judy Meissner’s pattern to make this and used my Bulky machine.  I used the decrease rows on the stockinette for the top shaping and just shortened the ribbing rows using 71 stitches and worsted weight yarn that Linda gave me. My little Buddy doll(who is 20yrs old now!) has an 18 inch head  circuference and that  is the same as her grandbaby’s head. So….this should fit!  Now I have to ask her if she wants another with just one inch of rib and the rest stockinette which is what she originally wanted.

Passap Bootie and Hat larger size

I went back to the machine and made the hat and the booties in the larger size and I will go with the larger ones for a gift. I also made the  “I” cord and while it is not as cute, it will tie better and last longer especially after washing.

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