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Knitted Scrubbie



Once in awhile I like to hand knit. I especially like dish cloths since I use a new one each day. I found this knitted scrubbie tutorial and decided to add scrubbie yarn instead of the tulle she uses. I just cast on 15 stitches like she did and knitted until I liked the size I had. It is my favorite now. I used white, orange and lime green cottons and the scrubbie   yarn was called citrus that is  in lime , orange and white. I like the white with the citrus scrubbie the best.

You could do this on the bulky knitting machine but I think it would take much too long turning with a garter bar for each row knitted. It took me less than an hour to knit one. These would make nice stocking stuffers or a little gift for a friend.

I just bought the scrubbie yarn for 2 for 5 but the sale is off now at Joanne’s. I think I will be able to get about 4 or five from one ball of scrubbie yarn.

Here is where I got the idea.

My Cat and Mouse Get Along Fine


Okay, so they aren’t real! I just finished the felted mouse using the machine pattern in one of the Machine Knitting News Inserts. I don’t think he is as cute as my last one. I hand knitted the jacket because I could not figure the instructions for the machine.  Well, I don’t know where my head was at the time but the jacket is knitted sideways and joined at the shoulder. I guess at the time I couldn’t think outside the box. I thought it was starting from the bottom. Duh! Oh and his whiskers are waxed dental floss.

I know I got off track so now back to the vest I started on the passap. 🙂

Finished Bunny, Lamb and Bear Blankies


About a week and a half ago I fell on the ice on my right shoulder and could not machine knit for awhile. At the time I had just bought this pattern. So for a couple of days I sat and hand knitted the little characters. I assembled them yesterday to get them ready to put in my store. I especially love the bunny and just in time for Easter. 🙂

Love My Meeces to Pieces

My Little "Meeces"

My Little “Meeces”

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled onto the cutest mouse pattern by Lorraine Pistorio. The pattern is called Christmas & Hanukkah Mice.–hanukkah-mice
It is a hand knitting pattern but I figured I would try to convert to machine knitting. Great pattern, pictures, and detail!  What I found out is that I was able to knit the body on the machine after hand knitting to row 12. I was able to knit the arms on the machine. The head I was able to do after row 10 and the ears after a couple of rows. The feet had to be done by hand. The time it took on the machine was about 3 hours whereas by hand was about 2 days of knitting off and on. The first one I made by hand, I overstuffed and it would not felt down well. So, the second one that I made, I lightly stuffed so the piece would not felt together. I left an opening in the body, head and feet to add stuffing afterwards and this is what I have. I knitted a little scarf and felted it. I even felted the candy cane. He is supposed to have a Christmas Santa hat but I love his ears so much I hate to cover one!  I may needle felt the inside of his ears with a light pink. The other felted mouse is the one made from the MKN pattern insert and it is in machine knitting instructions.

I love Lorraine Pistorio’s pattern just as it is knitted but you know me and felting! 🙂

Felted Door Mitten


I purchased this knitted hand pattern at the seminar for hand knitters that I attended last Saturday. The pattern is called Felted Door Mittens by Two Old Bags, formerly Wool YouOrder.  The felted Santa is a design from another hand knitting pattern for felting a Christmas ornament that I also purchased there. The name of that pattern is Needle Felted Folk Santa Ornament Pattern #W325P by Mary Dolan/Wistyria Editions.

I figured out how to knit this on the machine and it was quite easy but time consuming when it came to the decreases. This mitten is huge but I failed to put a measuring tape next to it. It was at least 30 inches long. Felted it is almost 16 inches.

It took almost 7 ounces of wool to make. This also can be used for a stocking on the fireplace as it is large enough to fill with gifts, candy and other items. It looks a little plain for the fireplace so I would add maybe snow or I don’t know what. lol

For the door hanging, the greenery should be holly or pine needles. Of course, these greens are arborvitae but you get the idea.



DSCF2139  DSCF2147

Floating Buttonhole Toggle

DSCF2105 DSCF2109 DSCF2129

I finished my hand knitted scarf but I needed a closure for it. I was at a hand knitting seminar with my friend Shelia last Saturday. It was put on by the Northcoast Hand Knitting Group. All I can say is WOW. The fibers and yarns available were gorgeous. I was looking for large buttons and I came across a booth with these Floating Buttonhole Toggles. This is the Large Black number CL61-1. I bought two of them and I can change to several different looks because of that. Here are just a couple. The toggle on the left is the complete set. The one on the right is how it looks unassembled. I can use just the oval and two silver middles. I can use the oval with two large buttons on each end or two small buttons on each end. I can use four small buttons alone or two large buttons alone. They are made of leather. There is a slot near the hole on one end so that you can button them and the button slides into the hole. The screws are long enough so that they will not come undone and fall out. I think this is a very unique idea. They are not permanent on the scarf and you can put them on other scarves that you own. There are also different styles and colors of leather.  She also has them in different colors of just the large one by itself. Check out her site. It is  Click on products catalog.

I paid 17.99 for one of these. The single buttons she has are 7.99 a piece.

Hand Knit and Machine Knit Helpful Tip


I am in the process of hand knitting a scarf. I will tell you that I am not an experienced hand knitter. I got stuck in the pattern and I emailed a wonderful lady I met who is very intelligent and she tried to explain it to me. I still wasn’t getting it so she made a video of her knitting it and sent it to me! WOW, my very own private knitting lesson!

So I was able to get the pattern down pat but row five of the pattern is where I would have trouble. She emailed me a link showing the technique of a “life line” so if you make a mistake, when you rip back you won’t lose all of your work. Especially while knitting lace. This would definitely work on the knitting machine also. Just apply the same principle. Just take a piece of yarn, cord or whatever and use your double eye needle to thread through the stitches in the row that you want to put it in. I have done fine lace on my knitting machine and if there is a dropped stitch I always start again but this is a perfect solution. I wish I could take credit for it.

Double Click on the picture and you can see it close up.

In the picture I have two lines. The lower one is brown so I changed to red to show up better. When you are finished, you just pull them out.

My knitting life just gets easier and easier. 🙂