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Felted Wristlet, Lined with Needle Felted Retro Design

felted wristletwithneedlefelting

I was having fun making the quilted wristlets and decided to sew one instead of trying to write up a knitted pattern and sew it together before felting. I had fun making this. The finished bag is 9 inches wide by 7 inches tall. It is lined with a grey black and white fabric. To make this I took one ball of Paton’s classic wool in gray .(3.5 ounces) I cast on 30-30 on the bulky machine and then knitted until I almost ran out leaving enough to cast off. I used loosest mast tension and tension 9 to knit. I felted it in the washing machine and came out with a piece of wool about 10 to 11 inches wide  and  about 15 or 16 inches in length. I cut two inches off of side to use for the strap. The other piece was used for the body of the bag. I used a rotary cutter to square it up. I love the way the zippers are done on the quilted wristlets and I decided to do it the same way on the bag. What a breeze to do. It is easy when the zipper is not at the top for opening.  I did not top stitch since I don’t like the way the stitching looks and it is hard to sew in a straight line on felted fabric. I had the lining together with the fabric when I sewed in the zipper. I needle felted a retro design that I purchased from the  web site Dreamstime  before sewing the side seams. The only thing I did not like is that  after you have the zipper in you turn it inside out and sew the side seams with right sides together. That means that you see the raw edges on the inside. To remedy that, I took a 1&1/2 inch piece of lining fabric and cut it the height of the seam. I folded it in half lengthwise and pressed it. Then I opened it up and folded each raw edge of the material to the fold line and ironed it. I enclosed the side seams in by folding it over the seam and top stitching. The inside looks nicely finished.  The handle is a cut piece of wool and it looked unfinished as a strap and I did not want rope handle. I just took black wool yarn and overcast up and down both sides of the strap. I know a lot of you are not into felting and sewing and this is a lot of work. If you want the directions for the zipper just go to you tube and look up quilted Zipper bag and you will find a lot of tutorials. I can’t find the link for the pattern that I have that shows it step by step.

Felted Clog Slippers with a Sunflower


I am trying to fill my Etsy store for the Holidays so I made a pair of the felted slippers again. I needle felted the sunflower on the left foot and then I was just going to put a leaf on the other foot and it looked funny. So I just made another smaller one to distinguish the left foot from the right one. I needle felted this design a long time ago on a purse. I paid for the design from Dreamstime web site.

Felted Purse with Bird in Tree

This is the same purse pattern that I made with the owl in the tree design on it. I bought this design from the Dreamstime site so that I can sell the item.  I needle felted the tree and the bird . I knitted the leaves seperately and then lightly felted them and sewed them on. I did a two cord handle but have to add a third cord and braid or do a wide handle. Not sure which yet. There is a magnetic snap to hold the tops together. When I knitted  this purse (and several of the others), I mark where the top is, bind off a couple of stitches for the sides and then I do 20 rows more to lay as a flap inside. I attach the magenetic snap to that flap and it does not show from the outside.  This is for my Etsy store.

Felted Purse with Owl and the Moon

I knitted and felted this purse differently than the others. It was an idea that I got from my friend  Linda on Craft Gossip. She does not know about the idea. Hee hee. She had knitted a purse according to a pattern and I liked the way the top was done so I used it on this one. I did not want a flap to interfere with the needlefelting.Here is how I made it. I knitted 20 rows for the bottom on 60 stitches. I added 12 stitches on each side for the sides. Usually I just knit straight up but I wanted the purse to curve in slightly so I decreased every 20 rows on end stitch and needle 31  on each side.(total of 4 stitches to decrease) I knitted 82 rows,  I bound off 4 stitches on each side which were the stitches left from the 12 stitches added on( and after the decreases) and knitted 20 more rows on the remaining 60 stitches and bound off . I rehung the bottom and knitted 82 rows without decreases and placed a marker and knit 20 more rows and bound off these stitches. I turned the flaps at the opening to the inside and tacked them down and felted the purse. At the top on the sides between the front and the back where there were four stitches I placed a gold grommet for the handle.  I knitted circular for the handle. I knitted 15 circular rows, I took the stitches off on waste yarn and put through the purse grommet and  hung the beginning on the same needles and knit 85 circular rows, placed a marker, knitted 15 circular rows , took them off on waste yarn and put the tube through the grommet  and hung the last stitches on the row with the marker and bound off. Now I have to buy magnetic clasps and they can be placed on the inside flaps that I knitted extra without showing on the outside. I am also going to place a very slim dowel rod under each flap so that the purse stays straight at the top.  I am now working on a little makeup bag with a button to match and will post next.

Hope I have not been too confusing with my instructions. The color is a Heather Brown. The design I bought from Dreamstime Web Site.

Felted Purse with Needle Felted Abstract Sunflower

This is one of the earlier bags that I felted and did not know what to do as far as a design . I purchased this design from Dreamstime. The purse is all wool and has a tweed in it that is very subtle. There are some shades of brown that are hard to see.

I then needlefelted the abstract flower onto the purse and made the petals puff up for dimension.

I have not decided on the closure yet whether it will be a snap or other.

The bottom has plastic canvas and is covered with fabric. The rest of it is not lined. There is a pocket for credit cards right on the back under the flap.

This will be for sale soon in my Etsy Store.

I Said I Wasn’t Going To Do It Again

I said I was not going to make this again and I lied. I still thought a bigger one would look cute. I made the bag the same way as the first one but knitted 100 rows and it came out a nice length. I needle felted a design on the front and the flower is actually raised up a little. My friend wanted to have a give away for mothers day on her craft gossip web site. If she likes this one, I will give the details later or she will .

It is six inches high and ten inches wide. It has a loop on the right and a zipper to keep contents in.

The color is more of a cream color than white.

If you would like a chance to win this go to  The give away started yesterday 4/16