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Knitted Scrubbie



Once in awhile I like to hand knit. I especially like dish cloths since I use a new one each day. I found this knitted scrubbie tutorial and decided to add scrubbie yarn instead of the tulle she uses. I just cast on 15 stitches like she did and knitted until I liked the size I had. It is my favorite now. I used white, orange and lime green cottons and the scrubbie   yarn was called citrus that is  in lime , orange and white. I like the white with the citrus scrubbie the best.

You could do this on the bulky knitting machine but I think it would take much too long turning with a garter bar for each row knitted. It took me less than an hour to knit one. These would make nice stocking stuffers or a little gift for a friend.

I just bought the scrubbie yarn for 2 for 5 but the sale is off now at Joanne’s. I think I will be able to get about 4 or five from one ball of scrubbie yarn.

Here is where I got the idea.

Passap doily using Marg Coe Dishcloth pattern



DSCF2554DSCF2379I made Marg Coe’s Dishrag on my Passap 6000 using sock yarn. I wanted to try more short rowing on the passap. I love the pattern but I wanted the size larger since the first one came out the size of a coaster. I also wanted to use it as a doily since I think it is so pretty.  Marg has given me permission to share her dish rag pattern with you. It is made using the Bulky machine  and that is why there are only 15 stitches used in the pattern. On my second attempt to enlarge the pattern I was successful. There are twelve wedges in the pattern and I was able to knit three wedges in 45 minutes. It is easy to do but you have to really keep track of where you are. I have shown a method  to follow in my directions so you don’t mess up. It is not fun unravelling the pattern.

I have the doily under my orchid plant and if you notice it is ready to bloom. I have waited over a year for it to do so. 🙂

Here is the drop box link with Marg Coe’s dishrag pattern for the bulky or LK150 and also my instructions on how to make a large doily using her pattern on the passap.



Passap Dishcloth using Tech 153


I am knitting up strips of fabric using the different techniques to help some new passap knitters. I came across this technique for a reversible fabric. Great technique for a dish cloth or wash cloth. I don’t check the yahoo passap files but I am sure that it is written somewhere , where the book is wrong on this technique but the console is right. The book says to knit four rows of KX/GX and 2 rows of KX/N. It is the opposite.You will find this out when you go to knit and the console tells you differently.

I used cotton and made this longer than the first one I did because of shrinkage. I have explained in the directions what happens when you knit using this technique. Great beginner project and watch what the machine is doing. My color one was pink and the one side comes out with the second color dominating. So if you want a certain color as the main one in the final outcome, put it in color two position. Here are the directions.

Passap 6000, Watching the Back Bed Pushers using Technique 181


DSCF1783My friend Sue asked about knitting with cotton on the passap so I decided to try some cotton I found in my stash of yarn . I also wanted to see how a new pattern I found would look knitted up. I decided to knit a dishcloth so I would have something to use when I finished.

I finished the first one and I did not like the edge stitches. I had both end needles on the front bed. I made a second one and used the end needles on the back bed. LOL, they look the same. On my second one I decided to match the beginning and end so the pattern looks complete. That is the longer one. On the one with the white back I used the carmen router rule and both edges look just okay-not great.

I decided to try technique 181. Technique 181 knits a solid color on the back. While I was knitting the first ones, I noticed that the back was not solid. Hmmmm….I am not doing something right. I finished and decided to try it again using a pattern in the console instead of downloading. In technique 181 all the pushers are in work on the front bed and all the pushers are used on the back bed. However, only the end needles on the back bed on the right and left have pushers in work position .The rest of the pushers are resting AGAINST the rail, not inside the rail. (all the rest of the pushers not in the needles selected for the pattern are in the rail.)

I have written what happens and how it looks to get it right.  You must try this. This machine is amazing. If you don’t see the pushers in the positions that I have explained, you won’t get a solid back. I have done this a couple of times and ended up with a birdseye back like the first one I did here. That is why I went back and studied what was happening. I hope that you try this just to see how it knits.

As far as knitting with cotton, this is a gloss 100% cotton. It is strong and has a beautiful sheen to it. It knits nothing like the 6/4 and 8/2 cotton that I have. I had to loosen the mast tensions AND I could have knitted a looser tension and let the washing machine shrink it to size. If you try this I don’t suggest this kind of cotton for a first  try. I would use 2 strands of 2/24 and use tension 2,3,and 4.. for the cast on. The yarn had a price tag of 23 dollars on it and was marked down to 11 dollars. I believe a friend gave this to me that was getting out of knitting. It was made at Ruby Mills in North Carolina. It is a beautiful cotton, it is a shame to use for dish cloths. lol

The  directions for trying this technique are in my drop box. Would love to know if you try this and are successful .



Knitted Orange, Lemon And Lime Slice Drink Coasters

knitted slicecoastersorhotpadsdishcloth 


I do not like short rows. Repeat,  I DO NOT LIKE SHORT ROWS!

I don’t like shoulders that are short rowed, skirts that are short rowed(well…some I do)  I like short rows in socks but don’t particularly care for them anywhere else.

So why did I try this?

I went to a hand knitting seminar and there were a ton of free books and patterns. I saw this pattern for the orange, lemon and lime slice.  I thought it was cute. I also like the lime and orange colors together.  I do like to hand knit once in awhile especially while sitting on the patio on a warm day. And since we have had a break in the weather, I was sitting outside and needed a hand knitting project.. (back to the 40’s now!) .

I never did  short rowing by hand so thought I would give it a try. It was fun to make and I like it since it is the garter stitch.  So just for the heck of it I tried the same pattern on the machine only it is stockinette.  Well, I stopped after three sections because it is not as cute, the white rows I turned for a purl row and that would upset a drink with the ridges and you would have to crochet an edge around it. So , IF I did it on the machine, I would just knit the white rows . The patterns is a free handout from Jo-Ann fabric stores from 2012. It says these are dish cloths but I like them as drink coasters or hot pads. They are a nice size for a glass or a dish. I love the festive colors in the summer. I did not put hangers on them since I am not using them as dish cloths.

Okay, back to my machines. 🙂

If you are up to a hand knitting project for the summer, here is the pattern in my drop box.

Tribble-Hand knitted scrubbie

My husband took me and our car to a classic car show today and I had to have something to work on. I saw this pattern last night and I thought it was so cute. I know how to knit by hand but prefer the machine. However, I like something to work on when we go somewhere. The directions are only two rows. Basically you increase on one end and decrease on the other end on one row and then knit a plain row. The picture to the right is what it looks like before putting together. If you want the instructions go to  Have fun if you try it!

St.Patricks Day

My husband is Irish and he has been doing a lot of the cooking in our house for the last few years. Of course, I get to clean up which is okay with me. But… I thought I would be funny and make him his own dish cloth( I was in a hurry and there are some stitches that did not knit properly.) I went back to the machine and made the Irish one without mistakes and presented it to him and told him it is his if he makes corned beef and cabbage on St. Patricks Day. LOL

Passap Dish Cloth & Towel

My friend Sheila made this pattern and it is so cute. It is knitted with one strand of cotton 8/2 green and light yellow . It is the same pattern, same number of stitches and the same tension but different techniques. The dish cloth is knitted with technique 179 but uses pushers on the back bed which are not called for in that technique and a different back lock setting. The dish towel is knitted with technique 187 and follow all instructions normally. She made several sets for her friends but made me make my own! LOL But, she did give me the pattern so she must like me. The funny thing is that my kitchen is blue and I have that color . So, if there are any Carol’s out there with a green and light yellow kitchen, it’s yours. Just contact me.

You can click on the picture for a closer look.