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Small Felted Fling Purse






I am trying to get some things done for my etsy store and decided to share this little purse with you. It is called the fling purse and it is a hand knitting pattern that I bought from Carol Bristol Designs. I made one plain and then I decided to use up some of the incomplete balls of yarn that I had to make diagonal stripes like I did on another purse. On this purse the diagonal colors are only on the front and they wrap around the side since the sides are knitted while doing the front piece. The reason I did this is because I wanted 20 stitches for each stripe width and there were 59 stitches.(I increased to 60)

Things started out okay but drew a blank on how to do the fourth diagonal. It finally came to me after about three days. lol   I finished it , sewed it together and felted it and was sick when I opened the washing machine. I had one beige color that was not wool!!! All that work, time and yarn wasted. So I went back and did it again. I made up several knitted leaves in all colors and felted them. I had knitted this oak leaf first that is on this bag but it was way too large. When the little leaves looked funny I decided to felt the large oak leaf and it came out the perfect size. I only put one leaf on and one acorn.

I put two pockets on the back piece inside. In my directions I explain how I attached it while knitting the back. You have to knit the pocket first to do this. I like the size and the way they both came out. I needle felted a chickadee on one bag and used an “I” cord for the flower he is sitting on.

Here are my directions. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. These are fun to make.






Felted Craft Tote/Purse “Fiesta” & “Lemons& Limes”

I promise that these are the last of the same bag to be posted. lol I call the finished one Fiesta and the other one Lemons and Limes. I am going to put plain black cords on the Lemons and Limes. Again I used the stripe generator on the website Biscuits and Jam . The link to that site is in the Cat in the Hat blog. These will be for sale in my Etsy store.

Cat in the Hat Felted Yarn/Craft Tote

When my friend Linda from Craft Gossip asked her followers what they would like to see me make, the largest response was craft totes without buckles, clasps or closures of any sort that the yarn would catch on. I came up with this design by going to the craft site Biscuits and Jam which has a stripe generator that is really unique. The link to that site is at the bottom.

I picked a striped pattern that had 9 rows for the second stripe at the top because I knew that would be about one inch and the grommets would be easy to put in . When I finished knitting and felting this I showed it to my husband and right away he said “Cat in the Hat”! It did look like a hat before I put the grommets in so that is what I have named it. I love the size and the length of the handles. They are 34 inches in total length but shorten once they go through the grommets.The size of the tote is 9 inches circular and 13 inches long. I made the handles short so it does not drag on the ground if you carry it with your hands. It looks cute over the wrist also.

Okay, so here is how I made it. I cast on both beds with waste yarn  and ravel cord. Then I knit 110 rows(220 circular rows) When I got to the top I just cast off all stitches on both beds. On the bottom I took the starting tail and gathered all of the open stitches on the waste yarn and secured.  Then I felted the bag. I placed eight grommets around the top that are one inch in width. I knitted a 3 stitch I cord , one in each color. I knitted about 40 inches for each one. I wove them through the holes, joined the beginnings with the ends and then felted the cord in my table top felter. I hung the bag in so only the cords felted and not the bag again. The bag and handles take a little over 8 ounces of yarn.  It will be for sale in my Etsy store soon.