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The Vest That Took Me Forever

DSCF2815 copyDSCF2812a copyI started this vest over a month ago. I saw this sweater on my neighbor and told her I thought it was so cute. She gave it to me and I took pictures up close and the measurements of it once I tried it on. The shoulders were too wide so I had to do a set in armhole. I finished the fronts and  back. I thought the armholes looked too large for a crocheted edge so  I put a ribbed band on . Then I let it sit and when I went to do the other arm band, I had not written tension and stitches. Had to do an armband two times. Then, because I sewed the side seam up I had to attach the second band in two sections.

I did not like the way the front edges were curling and hanging so I did a 2 by 1 rib and took it off. Then I did my favorite button band and it looked too formal.  I decided to try a single crochet and then a backward single crochet (crab stitch) that I have never done in all of the years I have crocheted.  I like it and it did pull the edges up so they were not longer than the rest of the sweater. So, now I try it on and I don’t like the armbands with the rib. They felt too tight and they were off the edge of my shoulder so….. I took off the arm bands and did the single crochet and the crab stitch and I like the outcome. On my neighbors sweater there are two buttons at the bottom and the button holes are done on a machine. I may do that since the buttonholes were in between the ribs. Then again, I might not do any.  I also made a button called the Star Knot, sort of like the monkey fist button but easier. I used cotton braiding cord.  That is in the last picture. If I use buttons, these are what I will use.

The second picture shows the vest with the arm bands. The third picture is my neighbor’s sweater with the front edges  straight up because I was measuring. I figured my stitch and row gauge and then went to DAK and printed out the picture so I could follow it at the machine.



Passap Wool Vest with Knit-In-Trim

This is a Sylvia Jones sweater design with Knit in Trim. The center band and armholes are knitted on back bed while knitting  main stitches on the front bed. Once I changed the setting on my back bed as suggested by Pat Groves of the Yahoo group, I was successful. This is Jaggerspun Maine Line 2/8 Wool. The original pattern is a pullover but I don’t like pullover vests so I made into a cardigan. Also, because I made my sweater larger than pattern I could not do back neck trim like pattern said. I had to do 1×1 to pull the neck in and it looks fine.

The second  picture shows the close up of the bands and the machine knitted applique flowers that I put on so that it wasn’t so plain. I am sure you can knit the flowers on the passap but I cheated(uh oh!) and used my Brother machine because it was faster. I was able to finish the vest in one day and I did the flowers in an evening and took about an hour or two to sew them on.