Hi Everyone,

This is not good bye. Maybe a redirection and a heads up.

I have been machine knitting since the early 80’s. Yikes, that’s a long time. It’s no
wonder my interests have changed .

With the purchase of a new sock machine and sewing machines, I want to focus on quilting and making socks and some other hobbies that I have tried.

Since I changed my knitting room to a sewing room, I just don’t have room for everything. Of course, I could buy a bigger house. Lol

This is why I am going to sell my beloved passap E6000 knitting machine. It is something that can’t be stored under a bed like the other machines and I don’t want to let it sit. It needs someone new to keep her active so she doesn’t get stiff joints.lol I am letting everything go that I have for the Passap E6000 machine. She has been well cared for and much loved as you can see in this blog.

With all my added responsibilities, new hobbies and missing Passap resources (because they will be sold with this machine), I won’t be able to answer many questions regarding the future use of it. Not to worry, I plan to keep all the Passap information on this bog available for the new owner as well as any new Passap lovers. Luckily, there are many resources just like this blog for new users to learn from. There are many Passap Facebook groups, groups.io, Ravelry, other blogs and small user groups around the different states. I hope the release of good Passap machines to new users will grow the Passap community with fresh enthusiastic spirit again.

I am keeping my Brother machines because I like to make my slipper socks on the 940 and felted slippers on the bulky. So I may post something in the future about those machines, but not sure at this time. Posting also takes time away from my new adventures.

I am still getting 40 to 100 visits a day on my blog so I will keep this blog open so the information I have posted over the last 10 years on all my machines, will be available to everyone.
I will be posting the E6000 machine on the passap io group marketplace hopefully soon.
Check this link for more information later. https://groups.io/g/PassapClub/ You will need to join the groups.io to be able to read the message boards.

Please don’t ask me any questions at this time about the machine. I am not using the WordPress blog to sell it. I will let you all know where and when to find the details of what I have for sale and the terms of sale soon. It takes awhile to get it all organized.

Thank you everyone for visiting my blog and giving me praise on my projects. It was you that
motivated me to keep on learning and machine knitting. After a few tears and deep breaths, I will try not to change my mind before I get this posted. I hope to see all sorts of new reader posts and connections with previous viewers of this blog when I get a chance to sneak a peek again. Much love to all of you. You are all my Passap family.


  1. Janis Said:

    Thank you for all the wonderful information and PASSAP passion you have shared, you have definitely helped me along my journey! Also best wishes on your new adventures and I’m sure you will be a fantastic addition to any community groups you join.

  2. cm evans Said:

    Really sorry to see you go. Thanks for the help and inspiration you’ve given me over the years. Best wishes with this next phase of your life.

  3. Judy Said:

    Before you let all your patterns for the e6000 go, I’d like to find a pattern for fairisle Scandinavian style sweaters for the e6000… did you ever have any?

  4. Gillian Pearson Said:

    Thank you for all your suppawt and humour and inspiration over the years – you have been such a good ally and I for one always looked forward to your blogs and creativity with our passap. I fully understand you wanting to move on with your new creative sock machine, your quilting and many other items on the sewing horizon. Big hugs to you sister 🐾🤓

  5. Sherry Hogan Said:

    I really need to thank you for all the info you’ve shared, as well as the inspiration I’ve gotten from your site. Best wishes in the next creative sideline. It’s sad that those who are creative, never have the time to continue to do everything! I am also grateful that you are keeping your past info up. I’ve gotten ideas and laughter from your posts, and will continue to do so!

    • Thank you Sherry. I always loved hearing if I motivated just one person to try something. The truth is that I still did not cover all that this machine can do. I WILL miss it. 🙂

  6. Donna Said:

    Thanks for everything! We will miss you 😘

  7. Diana G-house Said:

    I can’t tell you how much you’ve helped me! It does take a lot of time to blog!! I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your time, talent and willingness to share with the world!
    Sincerely, Diana

  8. steelbreeze Said:

    Hugs! It’s hard to let go of these machines, mine leaves my house only over my dead body! Thanks for keeping the info up here, it’s invaluable stuff for us Passapers where the ‘net is “full” of info for the more common Japanese machines. Your blog is much appreciated. Looking forward to seeing your new adventures with socks and sewing.

    • Thank you, not sure anyone wants to see my sock machine endeavors. lol It is so hard letting this machine go. I hope I don’t regret it. 😦

  9. Judy Said:

    Have fun with your new hobbies! I don’t have a Passop knitting machine but I do have the Brother knitting machines.

    • Hi Judy, I still have my Brother machines as well so I may do something on them in the future. I love making my slipper socks on them and that is why I am not getting rid of them…..yet. 🙂

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