Passap Afghan pattern for free by Tina

I know a woman that bought my girlfriends Passap Machine. Her name is Tina and she has a web site called Herman Hills Farm. Her son has made several passap parts that are hard to find for our machines.

Tina is really advancing in knowledge from designing in DAK to   knitting with the Passap E 6000. She is offering a free afghan pattern that is just beautiful. You can find it at Herman Hills Farm blog .  It is called Scribble Cat Blanket. If the link does not work, just type in Herman Hills Farm and click on blog that is at the top of the page. She shares the pattern and files for DAK and win/crea.






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  1. Gillian Pearson Said:

    Hi Carol We have not chatted for ages …time flies when you not having fun in the full sense of the word. How is Jim coping with his kidneys and his other organs – you have such a big mountain to climb for both of you.

    Thank you for sharing this lovely afghan by Tina … I will download onto a memory stick and use my old laptop which has Wincrea on it (not the Mac) and try to make it … I have a friend who has also been diagnosed with breast cancer – Her2 and I am taking her every friday to hospital for her chemo and she has adopted a lovely ginger boy called Mr B so she would really LOVE this afghan plus I have another friend who has two cats with renal problems and I know Jane would also love this so perhaps I can make two and have two happy friends. Have been reading through her blog on the farm … nice lifestyle and she also enjoys her knitting … refers to you so much – you a good mentor sister x

    I have finished my radiation and now started my 6 month course of oral chemo for met triple negative cancer which I believe has all been removed but they did find some ‘live’ cells when they did the pathology on the material removed – our radiation specialist Russell Seider said he had a problem trying to differentiate what was dead cancer cells and which was still live so on that basis the radiation took place – that was not too bad but tiring and esp as we started lockdown in SA over that time …challenges travelling to and from the hospital plus the hospital was on lockdown too … I have 2 weeks on treatment and one week office but the first treatment I had I started with mouth ulcers and neuropathy which Prof Rapoport said was too early as it was my first treatment so instead of giving me 4 tablets twice a day he has prescribed 3 twice a day … also he gave me 2 weeks off between the treatments to give me time to recover which I think helped …I started my next 14 day cycle last Saturday …onwards and upwards sister !

    My front lock is giving me problems … keeps dropping the left had front bed pusher …grrr…so called a guy who I think is very good …Ralph … he is an estate agent but dabbles in knitting and sewing machines and he swung past and we used my other front bed lock and bingo it is ok so its my old machine which I love which has the problem on the front lock … yet another cost … anyway, at least I can knit … my hubby’s partner has asked me to make her 3 jerseys along the lines of one I knitted her years ago … I know it was 183 but do you think I can find my written patterns ??? sheesh …so did a test square (whoo hoo ) and will go onwards from there … she is also a devoted cat person and recently had to put her 14 month kitty down because she had feline aids and they had removed her teeth which they do here so there is no spread but she was still in a lot of pain … her sister is also FIV but seems to be ok … terribly sad because we also lost our big boy the same day with a mass on the liver … terrible Thursday it was … big boy Kelly our Belgian Shepherd who was my shadow … oh Carol it was so sad, we thought we were doing the right thing with surgery after having CT scans and MRI to check there was not spread which there wasn’t – my vet and the specialist vet both supported the surgery as we had such a good report on the rest of his organs and we thought he would pull through but he started haemorrhaging after surgery and his vitals were all going down. I jumped in my car to get across town to the vet and he passed away before I got there … but you know it was probably meant to be … we were on borrowed time with him and he was so good… our furry friends are only with us for short times in reality and we become so completely reliant and devoted to them … he was my rod with my chemo … what more can I say. Like Petey is with you and Jim. They are so part of the family …our other two are very sad but slowly coming to terms with no Kelly. Very hard …Melba is 13 and Bush 9 so also not spring chickens.

    Chat soon and take care .. Gill


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