Passap Christmas Gnome



I was at a craft fair and saw a gnome made with old sweaters. I thought it was so cute. I have tons of swatches and went to work this morning to make my own.

This design was knitted in a circle on the passap  where the design is knitted on the front bed and you get a vertical stripe on the back bed.  This can be opened up and you can see all the floats inside. I was going to do a scarf this way but it was time consuming and I wasn’t sure I liked the stripe on the back for a scarf. It was probably technique 243.

Of course, you don’t have to have this type of swatch to make this little guy. Any machine tension swatch will work.

I just cut pieces for the arms and legs and sewed a tube and turned inside out. I used the front fairisle for the hat and arms and the back side of the fabric for the legs. I sewed a piece for the hat starting wider at the beginning and narrowing it down  to a point.  I turned it inside out. When I folded up the brim I have the stripe from the back side that looks like I ribbed it.

I inserted a pipe cleaner bent in half into the hat to make it so I could bend the shape. I used a styrofoam base and hot glued the red felt to the main part for the body. I hot glued the arms on next. I hot glued the legs to the bottom. I used wool roving for the beard(Thank you Tina!) and just pulled the hat down onto the top of the styrofoam pyramid.( I cut the top point off and shortened the height from the bottom because it was a tall one.) I hot glued the nose on that is just a stuffed piece of stocking.  I added the wreath because it gives stability for sitting.

So what I would do if I make it again? I would use up the  cardboard knitting cones that I have stacked in a corner. lol   It would have been easier. All you would have to do is stuff the ends of the leg up into the tube and hot glue and it will sit nicely. You won’t have bulk on the bottom. I just used felt for the hands and feet and just guessed at the shape. If you don’t have felt for his body, use another tension swatch instead.

So you have plenty of time to do this ladies. Get out your tension swatches that I KNOW all of you make. 🙂


  1. Gillian Pearson Said:

    What a dear little chap Carol …you have given me an idea of making a scarf with the stripes at the back then joining the tubular knitting at the end with fringes …all clever stuff.
    thanks for such interesting articles with humour !

    • Hi, sorry have not gotten back to you. Had root canal done and running in a million different directions! Hope you are feeling well. I think somewhere on my post is how I made that grey and white sample. I had knitted about a 16 inch length before dropping it off machine. I remember having to watch the edge stitches when knitting circular. I also think it would have been better with one strand of a yarn instead of using 2/24. If you make one, send me a picture! 🙂

  2. Rita McElroy Said:

    What a cute little gnome! Thank you.

    • Thank you Rita, They wanted 25 dollars for the one at the show. Mine is smaller though. It was fun to make.

  3. israelmeesterkat Said:

    PERFECT!! 😉

  4. Carolyn Said:

    Love the gnome. Great colors too !

    • Thank you Carolyn. The more I look at him though, he needs to be fatter. lol

  5. wogswhimsy Said:

    Really love the gnome….what a creative way to use those swatches….thanks so much.

    • Thank you! 🙂 Try using a carboard cone from a cone of yarn instead of a styrofoam cone. Will be much easier to do the legs. 🙂

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