Passap Afghans



I had a chance to make two more afghans to donate to this school for their craft show. You have seen these patterns before but I  just wanted to show you that I am knitting. :). The top one is really a bright pink and not red


  1. Gillian Pearson Said:

    These are really lovely Carol ! That pink reminds me of cake icing !
    I am sure the school were so happy to receive these ! Do they raffle them or sell them ? anyway, some lucky baby is going to have the joy of them … love both designs !

    • Thank you Gillian. They sell raffle tickets so hopefully these will help them. This money goes to the performing arts at the school and the students do all the work on this. It is for a good cause. 🙂

  2. Mary Lowe Said:

    These are really lovely Carol, well done for getting back to knitting. Is there a pattern for these please as I would love to make them for gifts?

    • Thank you Mary. The patterns are in my drop box. If you go into the archives for March 2018 you will see the drop box link for the pattern for the tuck stitch blanket. If you go to April 29, 2018 there is a link to drop box for the pattern for the heart blanket. I might have made a mistake on the heart blanket with the total amount of rows. Just make sure you knit the right amount of rows. If the pattern is 142 rows you multiply by 4 and that is your total number of rows. Have fun, 🙂

  3. Helen Highwater Said:

    It’s great to see you are knitting – and blogging – again. You are an inspiration to newbie passap users! Thank you!!

    • Thank you Helen. The passap is a beautiful machine and it amazes me what you can do with it. I don’t know how much longer I will be doing it even though I love this machine.

  4. Rhonda Hazen Said:

    Your Afghans are beautiful!

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