Passap E6000 Afghan Lovely




Well, I can still knit. lol

A school near me that has a craft bazaar has a raffle table that is run by the students. They sell tickets for items that people make. I donated a number of items I made (sewing….oops) and decided that the afghan lovely might bring in some money for them.
So I have told you I don’t like the room I have my machine in and still haven’t moved it, but I forced myself in there. And when I confronted my E6000 I was scared and felt intimidated!  Hahaha, I told my machine that I was afraid I could not remember anything and I was right.
So at 12:30 a.m. (really good time to start things wouldn’t you say?) I cleared everything out around the machine, got the yarn ready and decided to try to download. I did remember the procedure but I have a switch on my download cable that is on download. Then when the pattern is downloaded I have to switch to knit before putting in the technique and other stuff. Well, the machine screamed error at me! Can you imagine that?
I figured it out and started again. I did remember how to cast on and got everything ready to go in the morning. I even left the laptop and knitting machine on.
After having coffee, I got up my nerve. I had 500 rows knitted in 20 minutes(no motor and my arms will hurt tomorrow 🙂 ). Then the machine screams at me with a 206 error. Oh shoot, don’t know what the error is but it is something I have to deal with….again. So I WROTE DOWN THE ROW ON THE ROW COUNTER. And it is a good thing to do and hope you all do it. Of course, if anyone has made this afghan it is the row where it looks like 10 strands of yarn are on each needle! So I took my time and unraveled the row, reprogrammed and the machine was so mad at me, it sent me back to the wrong row!!!!! My counter said 674 and the machine returned me to row 670. Oh no , now what do I do? I know I only ripped out one row and it should have gone to 672. So I left the G/X buttons on and knitted two rows to 672 and then set the locks to KX/N. I hung a marker thread on the end of the row to see if I had to start again. And of course, I had to knit about 50 rows so I could see where it happened. In the picture you can see a string in the lower right on the edge. That is the row and it is perfect. So I think it was just the machine trying to fool this old lady for ignoring her for so long.

Now going to make another in a heather green color before my luck runs out.


  1. Heidi Schmidt Said:

    is lovely, as usual, great gift

  2. dena rydman Said:

    I would love to knit this. I have a E6000, wincrea or Journal 6. How do I download to this and then into the console. Is there a pattern for the E6000.

    • This is hard to answer since everyone has a different set up. I have the cable from Anne Croucher and I download from win/crea. I don’t know how you are set up. When I have a pattern in win/crea, I go to the drop down menu and click on download to the passap. Then I enter the information in the console and when it says what pattern I hit the blank key and then the zero. Then the win/crea program says to click on the word done on the screen. If you do it right the console will say wait. You know then that it is downloading. I also have to have my cable switch on download. After the pattern downloads I hear a beep. I switch to knit on the cable and then enter all information on needles and technique into the console. This is just a simple version. It gets more involved. If you are a beginner perhaps someone can help in the passap groups online or hopefully, you know someone who has one that lives near you. If you join a knitting group, there is usually one that has a passap. Good luck, I hope you accomplish this. Oh, the pattern is free in the passap knitting group files.

  3. Clasina Riesewyk Said:

    Love to make this, you must have determination and done a great job of getting the pattern to go right.

    • Yes, I am determined to make this because it is so pretty and gets compliments anytime that I give one away. I just make sure both end stitches are on the back bed. After I download into the machine, I go to row 44 and set up to knit with the locks on free pass to see if needles selected for both side borders are the same. If not, have to download again. You can’t check the needles on the first 40 rows since they are all knitted and no pattern. I hope you have made this or will give it a try. 🙂

  4. Alma Blaikie Said:

    Know the feeling well, but what a pleasure to see that lovely rug at the end of all that anxiety, well done. Now I have to follow in your footsteps. Been out of action with shoulder surgery and then a broken wrist but I have a motor. Love seeing what you are up to.

    • Wow, sorry to hear about your shoulder. Good thing you have a motor!


    Great to see you continuing your usual beautiful work. Now you can see why some of us get scared by that beast of a machine. Difference is…you win. Me not so much !
    It is beautiful Carol. Glad you are still out conquering the machines !

    • Hi great to hear from you. I was worried something happened when you didn’t answer my emails. I don’t know that I will be conquering this beast much longer. I have been contemplating selling but get overwhelmed with how much I have and no box to ship it. But that is another day! Hope all is well.

  6. Gillian Pearson Said:

    sheesh Carol another masterpiece ! it looks quite large is this for a single bed ? Colour really vibrant ..looks like sky blue …really eye catching. In spite of the challenges you have come out tops again ! for goodness sake gird your loins (ha ha) and move your machine and lets see some more of your awesome work. You motivate people to get cracking ! Gill in SA

    • You are so funny! The color is really vibrant and I thought of Ocean Blue for the color. It looks to me like more teal than royal in the color. No color name inside of course! lol

  7. ANNIE Kedves Said:

    Pure gorgeous. You are a great example. Keep updating us – it might motivate me to get out my machine after yearsssssss!



    • Okay Clare, if I can get back to this machine so can you! Your next comment to me will be what you made. lol

  8. Iuliia Stepanova Said:

    Love, love, love your afghan! My machine will kill me for sure when I approach her !!! I left her for years! but I suffer so much. Soon I give a challenge to me…..

    • Hahahaha, you made me laugh when you said your machine would kill you. My friend in Maine calls it a beast. I hope you will soon be able to get back to your machine. 🙂

  9. Mary Ann McNaull Said:

    Sorry I could not comment. It would not let me

    Mary Ann

    Sent from my iPad


    • Hi Mary Ann, Good to hear from you. Are you still knitting?

      • Mary Ann McNaull Said:

        No sadly. We moved into a condo but we did set up the e6000. Someday soon. The second bedroom where it is setup is full of boxes and so much yarn. Too much to do

      • Yes, so much to do and no energy. lol! And yes, you need to have it in open space or frustration sets in.

  10. judy Said:

    Wonder how to do on a brother or even on my superb.
    It’s super great

    • Hi Judy, Thank you! You might find somehting similar for your machine but this afghan is what sold the passap machine years ago. I have a brother bulky, 940 electronic and the passap . One uses fine yarns, one heavier and one in between. That way if I buy yarn and it won’t work I have at least one machine that will knit with it. lol

  11. Dianne Said:

    This is considered a beginners project on the Duos. I have no experience with the e6000.
    I made lots of them on my old pinky. All you have to do is set up your needles & pushers. Set your arrow keys & you’re off!

    Imagine my surprise when it failed on my Superba. (9000 electronic). You really need those strippers tomake this tuck work smooth sailing imo.

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