Machine Knitted Comfort Doll



fullsizeoutput_879My friend Patty called me and told me about an idea she had to present to her knitting guild. It was her turn to do a demo and she came up with the idea of asking her club to make a collection of Comfort dolls to donate. How could anyone not like this idea!! Here is what she writes in her pattern.

“For those of you interested in knitting comfort dolls, they are great projects for using up yarn cone ends. I am going to donate them to our local police or deputy sheriffs.
Police Officers and Deputy Sheriffs can carry them in their vehicles because
they’re very comforting to children who have just been through a traffic accident or whose parent has been taken into custody for various reasons and the child is waiting for Child Protective Services or other family members to arrive. However, they could also be a great asset to many other facilities such as hospitals, EMT’s, and Children Services.
There are many occasions when being able to hold a soft, loveable doll will bring a child great comfort.”

I went through my patterns and found one by Marty Godlewski. I made the girl and boy and they did take some time to do. The fair-isle slowed me up since I entered the pattern into my machine. The way the feet are done is also time consuming. You take all of the stitches off the machine, turn with a garter bar and then put the middle half of the stitches back on the machine and then hang half of each back set of stitches onto the front stitches and then bind off.  In the meantime, I had also made a Santa doll on my sock machine. When I got together with Patty, we discussed the pros and cons of the patterns. Patty wrote a pattern and it is knitted much quicker and just as cute. After all, she said ,it is your own doll and they all take on a character of their own.  She has all kinds of suggestions so you are not in your knitting room for hours working on one doll. She suggests self striping yarns, hand manipulated stitches, fine lace, stripes , just plain stockinette and the list goes on. It will take you no time at all to knit the body. She is willing to share her pattern if anyone is interested in doing this in your knitting guild or if you just want to make one for a grandchild or as a gift with an afghan. Just email me if you would like her pattern. Great idea Patty!!!  I hope other knitting guilds jump on board with the idea. And the guild does not have to be a machine knitting guild. Hand knitters can easily knit this rectangle .



  1. I’d love the pattern. 🙂 Please send to Thank you!

  2. Marie Elva Perkins Moore Said:

    I would like the pattern to knit for the Grey Nuns Hospital in Edmonton AB These would be great for the emergency room for the kids, we also knit teddy bears for them. Drs and nurses are very happy with these for the little ones.

  3. Linda Dawson Said:

    I have been making comfort dolls and love your creation. The Santa is especially cute. I would love to have Patti pattern. Linda D

  4. Elizabeth Grant Said:

    I would very much appreciate directions for doing comfort dolls on a machine. The craft group at my church is always looking for small things – other than dish clothes- to make through the years. Some contribute to the shoe box gifts. Too late for this year but great to do in the warm weather  to send next Christmas.Thank you.Elizabeth

  5. Margaret Said:

    I would be interested in the pattern. I also have Marty’s book. I have lots of yarn that needs to find a better use than hats, blankets. Great idea. Thanks for the post. Margaret Hoyle


  6. Maxine Frenchl Said:

    I’d like to knit the comfort dolls
    Please send the pattern. Please send to

  7. Valery Roberts Said:

    We have a weekly class that we work on projects to learn techniques. Also I’m part of the Machine Knitters Guild San Diego. We would appreciate it. They look cute. Plus we do donations locally.

  8. mnewman Said:

    I would like to purchase your pattern for the machine knitted comfort doll.  Thank you.Mary J. NewmanSent from my Samsung Galaxy Tab® S

  9. Linda B. Said:

    I would love the Comfort Doll pattern as I’d like to make some for our local Sheriffs Dept. Thank you for this.

  10. W DONALD KELLY Said:

    Carol – the comfort dolls are precious. I would like the pattern of Patty’s and also yours if possible. My e-mail is Thank you. Hazel Kelly

  11. Shirley Said:

    I would love Patties comfort doll pattern. Thank you



  12. pasinger Said:

    Please Email me the pattern for the comfort dolls. Thank you.

    Sharon Pletcher

  13. Anne Allen Said:

    I also would like this pattern. can this be done on the buiky?
    Thank you anne

  14. readnknit Said:

    Can I please have a copy of Patty’s pattern for the comfort dolls?

    Many Thanks, Jo


  15. nancy.johnson4 nancy.johnson4 Said:

    HI Carol Your comfort dolls are lovely, thanks for reminding me of a great project to try. I would like Patty's pattern if you are sharing them. Thank-you Nancy

  16. Lois Stacey Said:

    Hi Carol would love the comfort doll pattern please. Keep up the good work Regards Lois

    On Mon, Nov 5, 2018, 6:12 AM Cckittenknits’s Weblog cckittenknits posted: ” My friend Patty called me and told me about an > idea she had to present to her knitting guild. It was her turn to do a demo > and she came up with the idea of asking her club to make a collection of > Comfort dolls to donate. How could anyone not like this” >

  17. Barbara Fletcher Said:

    Hi I would love to receive the pattern for the comfort dolls to share with my Epping Machine Knitters in Sydney Australia next week. Thanks so much Cheers Barbara Fletcher

    Sent from my iPhone


  18. Lois Stacey Said:

    Thank you Carol Very much appreciate Regards Lois

  19. langliniere Said:


    Yes I would like the pattern. Thank you very much Claudine

    Sent from Mail for Windows 10


  20. Jenny Jones Said:

    Can you tell me how to get the pattern, please? The link does not give the actual pattern.

    Many thanks

    Jenny Jones

  21. Aaltje Said:

    Hi Carol, nice to hear from you again. I’d like to have the pattern. Thanks to your friend and to you.

  22. mary raspin Said:

    Hi Carol,
    Ive just finished knitting hats for Xmas boxes but they have now gone so I’m looking for another charity project. Can you send me Patty’s pattern and I’ll get started!!

  23. BJ EXUM Said:

    I would love the comfort doll pattern! I have been looking for something to do for kid’s charities. bj4crafts at hotmail dot com

  24. Ingrid Thunberg Said:

    I’d like to knit the comfort dolls
    Please send the pattern.

  25. Judy Ederer Said:

    Such a great idea! I would like a copy of the pattern to present to our knitting group as a knit a long for our local Children’s Home. Thanks for sharing. Judy

  26. 5hrys Said:

    Please send me Patty’s comfort pattern. If my email doesn’t appear (according to the instructions for Leave a Reply, my email address will it be published, so I assume you, individually, would have access to it).

  27. Faye Sanford Said:

    Please send me Patty’s Comfort Doll pattern. I want to knit some for my church mission. Will donate the dolls to organizations helping children in crisis. Thanks, Faye Sanford I’m a long time Passap knitter. My first machine was a DM80. Thanks.

  28. Said:

    I’d really appreciate the comfort doll pattern. I have made som on a machine. I just knit a very long tube of all the necessary colors, and separate each one with ravel cord. That way I can take a bunch with me and customize them wherever I am. I am currently knitting them for end of life care kids, but the adults love them too…..and they are also being used with stroke patients very successfully. It seems to stop them pulling at tubes and bedclothes.ThanksNorma Rigg

  29. Anita Bydlowski Said:

    Does anyone know where I can buy an Addi egg which makes tubes such as the ties on the comfort dolls? I noticed that Amazon has the Addi Egg but I swear I saw it much cheaper someplac else. I wonder if anyone else is aware of a cheaper place to buy one? Any help would be greatly appreciated!Thank you,Anita in MI

  30. Stephen Brown Said:

    The comfort dolls is an awesome project and also a good teaching aid for various techniques. I would love to have the patterns as well.

  31. Heidi S Said:

    I would like to knit it for mother & child projects to donate it to the children. Please send me the comfort doll pattern.

  32. Maryann Brown Said:

    I would love to have you send me Patti’s Comfort Doll pattern to add to my guild’s (Metropolitan Machine Knitting Guild, Oregon) charity patterns. Thanks in advance, Maryann

  33. MS Said:

    Could I please receive a copy of the doll pattern? My email is
    Thank you so much in advance, kind regards Marja

  34. Marilla Said:

    Hello! Please send the pattern to me. I’m working in a hospital for children and would love to make some dolls for the children. Thank you very much. Marilla

  35. Debbie Said:

    May I please have the comfort doll pattern. Thanks.

  36. Lynne Said:

    I would really love the pattern please.
    I make comfort dolls and bears for a local children’s charity and love the thought of making them on my knitting machine.

  37. Betty Lively Said:

    I would like a copy of this pattern. Goal is to get the Machine Knitters Guild San Diego to make some for charity.
    Thank you

  38. Heidi Said:

    Can I please have a copy of the pattern. I knit for charity. Thank you!

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