Passap Afghan by Michael Becker


Oh my gosh, can you stand it? Hearing from me twice in one week? Oh my gosh, thank you to everyone that emailed me and welcomed me back. Good to hear from all of you and that you are all still knitting. Unfortunately, I have turned to quilting and my second block of the month arrived yesterday so I will be going off the grid again. lol

Well, I had to hurry and knit another afghan so you could see my favorite clematis vine in bloom. Just kidding. This is another Michael Becker afghan called Onion. It is in dark brown and beige . It is another fantasy fairisle technique 186. Funny thing is that I don’t like this technique. The afghans come out large but are too prone to snagging. Not good with a cat or a dog in the house. I do like how they look on the back .

I have to tell you that I mostly learn from trial and error. If I would go read a lot on the yahoo groups I could probably save myself a lot of time. In Michael Becker’s instructions he tells you to break the Carmen router rule and put one back bed pusher up on the back bed so you don’t drop a stitch. On my afghan mist I had the right end stitch on the front bed and the edge came out nicely. So in making this one I put both end stitches on the back bed and did not like the edge on the right. So I changed it to the end needle on the right side on the front bed and the back bed needle on the end for the left side. I like how it came out. So, you might want to experiment ….or not. I am sure when giving these afghans away, most people would not notice.

I used two strands of 2/24 tension 5/5. When setting up the needles I programmed left 87 and right 88 and it came out centered. I always forget which side to put the extra needle on when there is an odd number of stitches. But then that is why I cast on and then do the set up with gx /gx to check. I should do it before I cast on but that would be too easy. 🙂


  1. Mary Ann McNaull Said:

    Very pretty

  2. Thank you!

  3. Rhonda Said:

    I’m very glad to have you back. Your afghan is just lovely.

  4. Susan McBean Said:

    By now you know I am not going to be doing any of your instructions. But as they say in Maine, wicked good that you are able to do it !!!! I will keep cranking out the socks, knitting on the Brothers and wishing that E6000 and I could have a relationship. You go girl. Quilting is good too, I just don’t get to that any more either. Pesky old work. Thanks for jumping in and making that passap behave.

    • Don’t worry S2 a day will come where you will be able to do anything you want to☺️ Life has a way of changing overnight. Oh and my passap behaved beautifully even though she was not touched for about five months.

  5. Christine Evans Said:

    Beautiful: I especially like that the pattern continues into the border. Which of his books is it from? Now that I have DAK, I’d love to have a go at making one.

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