Passap Afghan by Michael Becker


My, it’s been such a long time since I have knitted on any of my machines. Since it  has been so hot I am staying inside. I decided to see if I hooked everything up right after moving my machine to another room and if I  remembered how to knit on the passap . lol

I have moved all my machines out of my knitting room and it is now a sewing room. My 940 and bulky are in another bedroom but set up so that I can knit. My passap is set up in a room by itself but that is the smallest of all the rooms. It has a wood floor. My passap has cardboard under the wheels so the floor does not get scratched. There is one window up high 😦 and my machine faces a wall. 😦  For this reason it is not fun knitting in there. To top it off, the machine was moving and I was sliding off my knitting stool as it moved back away from me. Also, it is the only room in the house without an overhead fan but when the air is on it is VERY NICE. That is about the only good thing about where the machine is.

I have another afghan set up to start and I think I will only knit about 250 rows and take a break. I was so used to sitting and looking out two windows and watching the birds when I needed a break. I miss that.

I have gotten into quilting and had a break between a block of the month quilt so I gave this afghan a try. My friend Patty made this afghan and sent me a picture of it and I loved it. Now to make you laugh, I have the pattern and never saw it in the book , or if I did , it did not strike me as something I wanted to do. This is from Michael Becker’s Passap Instant Afghans Book 3.  It is called Mist. I made mine in  hunter green and cream. I used 2 strands of 2/24 at tension 5. I used the fantasy fair-isle technique .

I am going to make afghans to donate to the high school in Mentor where I live. Every year they have a craft bazaar and they sell raffle tickets to raise money.


  1. Mary Ann McNaull Said:

    Beautiful, Carol

    • Thank you Mary Ann. Are you still machine knitting?

      • Mary Ann McNaull Said:

        The dumbest thing is ever did was to stop machine knitting. I fully intend to restart even at 85. Considering moving into a condo. Seems like there is always an excuse. Thank you so much for all your help over the years. Had it not been for you, I would have not knitting anything on the e6000.
        By the way, how is Jim?

      • Hi Mary Ann, you are a good example of how any one can learn this machine at any age. Where are you looking for condo? I dread the day of leaving my home. How is Cloyd? Is it getting to be too much upkeep for him? Jim’s Parkinson’s has slowed him down to almost stopping. I do all the inside and outside work but still find a little time for the hobbies….thank goodness. They help me to stop worrying. Jim had precancerous polyp removed from colon but no cancer in polyp per biopsy. Yay. However, he has skin cancer and had one lesion removed and they have to go back in again since it was basil cell. That appointment is this Wednesday. Like you said, it is always one thing or another. I hope you get back to knitting soon. Not good for us or the machines to sit idle for any length of time. lol We have been having watermelon and I use the gadget you bought for me. I think of you every time I get it out. 🙂

      • Mary Ann McNaull Said:

        We are looking for a condo here in Ashland. Too many ties to move elsewhere. Condos are scare here. They are sold before they ever hit the market.
        Cloyd is doing so much better. He has had 4 shots in his back plus he has severe scoliosis . The Dr started in L 5, then 4, then 3 and finally 2 which really helped him. He is having cataract surgery on the 13th.
        So sad about Jim and you too that you have to do everything in and around the house. I don’t know how you do it.
        Hope Jim will not get anymore skin cancer.
        I have had basil cell so many times I have lost track. The worst was on my nose, had to have plastic surgery. I have also had squamous cell on my leg
        Too many days in the sun.
        Suppose to be 91 degrees today. Too hot for me. Very thankful for Air conditioning .
        Take care. MA

      • OMG Cloyd sounds like he can’t move much. You both have had your share of health issues just like Jim and me. Bummer. Good luck condo hunting.

    • Mary Ann McNaull Said:

      Actually Cloyd is doing great.

      • Thank you. Great that he is doing good. He is doing much better than Jim and Jim is only 77

  2. Valery R Said:

    Glad you are enjoying yourself, missed you. Lovely blanket, glad you remembered how to use the Passap. It’s a bear.

    • Thank you Valery. Yep , these machines can make you struggle. lol

  3. Thanks Valery! Glad I remembered how to use the passap too. Not a good idea to stay away. The mind forgets and the machine stiffens up. lol

  4. Gillian Pearson Said:

    So nice to have you back on our airwaves Carol ! I do like this pattern – its certainly a different feel to a more structured design and 186 will make it nice and stretchy … sorry your Passap in a den … hope that doesn’t put you off weaving your magic !

  5. Sandra Marshall Said:

    It’s great to see you back again and using the passap. You have been a great inspiration to me – returning to e6000 knitting after 30 odd years! Please keep posting

    • Thank you Sandra, I am glad if I can motivate anyone. For that reason I feel guilty for not knitting and posting. 😦 I will try harder. lol

  6. Rita McElroy Said:

    Thank you for your inspiration. I am finally tackling a DM80 that I have had for 8 years!! I usually use the e6000, about once or twice a year. The DM80 has started to move more easily as I have used it more….sort of like me and my joints!

    I love Mike Becker’s afghans and all the specific info he includes with them. I always win at the NC State Fair when I enter one of Mike’s afghans!

    Last year I entered placemats made from your Turkey Thanksgiving pattern (Nov. 2016). Those also won me a ribbon. Thanks for your specific instructions!

    Thanks for telling us what yarns you used and what tension.

    Perhaps you need a mirror on the wall behind the Passap to increase your view? Or maybe a flat screen TV….hey, think big!!
    Rita in Raleigh

    • Hahahah, no mirror on the wall!!!! Don’t want to see how I have aged or how I screw up my face muscles while knitting. hahaha Thank you for your comments. Keep on knitting.

  7. Dr. Jerilyn J. Vogelsang Said:

    It is lovely.

  8. Ann Klevgard Said:

    Wow, just wow! These are beautiful. I’m not inclined to knit afghans however, these inspire me to give it a go. Especially Mist! I’ve never finished any project on my Passap, she is my first machine purchase in February 2016.
    What are the final measurements of your agenda, please?

    Also, how do you get you clematis to grow so beautifully?! That’s my favorite flower/garden Vine!

    Thank you for inspiring me!

    • Thank you Ann. I gave this afghan away so I can’t measure the size for you. Sorry. If you are just getting familiar on the passap, the fantasy fairisle technique makes the largest afghans widthwise.
      The clematis is my favorite vine as well. This is the autumn clematis and it is a very good grower. I don’t do anything to it. It likes cool roots and plenty of sun. If you live close to me I can give you one. I live in Mentor , Ohio. 🙂

      • Ann Klevgard Said:

        Hi! I live in Michigan but I’m coming to Olmsted Falls at Thanksgiving. Probably the Clematis will have shed by then, bummer.

        In which Michael Becker book is the Mist? I love it, i want to give it a go!

        Thanks Carol!

  9. Mary Ann McNaull Said:

    The Mist is a lovely afghan, Carol. Of course everything you do is lovely.

  10. Sharon Pletcher Said:

    Can you help us find the Becker afghan book that these come from? They are really exceptional. Thank you.
    Passap, Studio and Superba knitter. Sharon Pletcher

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