Passap Double Jacquard Diagonal Hearts Baby Blanket


Okay, after I finished the little stroller blanket I remembered another pattern I had that had hearts in it. It was a pattern that was on a reader sheet that was with my machine when  I bought it so I don’t  know who the author was. Anyway , I took the blocks and made them larger and then arranged in the same configuration as the stroller blanket. I love it even more….or maybe it’s the color. lol I think it would be pretty in aqua and also one in yellow. Don’t know if I would do in blue for a boy but maybe change the design in the blocks. Maybe a teddy bear or a train.

The blocks are larger and so is the blanket. The finished measurement of this one is 29 inches in width and 30 inches in length. Feel free to make this even larger  if you want. I put this pattern file in the same folder as the stroller blanket and a small written pdf file telling you to cast on 156 stitches and 142 rows(568 knitted rows). I also put in a bmp, png and tif file. Check the design on the tif file since my computer said something about the file being larger the way I converted it.

I was in a hurry to get a good picture in the daylight so you can see I have waste yarn at the top and there is a strand of yarn across the left front . lol

Here are the directions and files in my drop box. The files are called Double Jacquard diagonal hearts blanket


  1. Connie Said:

    Absolutely gorgeous!!! I love it and you know I will have to make a few of these blankets. We have another 2 babies in the family being born this summer. Thank you so much for sharing your talent and time.

    • Hi Connie, great hearing from you! Hope all is well with your mom. Have fun knitting this. It is really easy to do.

  2. Gillian Pearson Said:

    Love this one too …. you such a cleva gal !

  3. Sue Course Said:

    You are an amazing knitter on the E6000, Love what you do. Keeps me motivated to knit on my machine. Thank you

  4. KA Tate Said:

    This is fantastic and thank you for sharing your directions! I’m still learning my e6000 and so appreciate those willing to share their knowledge 🙂

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