Passap E 6000 Baby Bear Blanket


I am so proud of myself. I decided to knit the afghan that I first wanted to knit . I found some extra time last night. The pattern is from Knitten Buds. I can no longer find them on the internet. Β I wonder if anyone has any information on them.

I did not want an afghan this large but I am happy with how it came out. I did not have all the information on the baby so I just put what I had in the heart. I am sure the woman will love it. The pattern was 179 stitches and 250 rows. I shortened the pattern to 216 rows . I used technique 187. I used two strands of 2/24 and tension 5 on both beds. The color is mauve and white. The finished size is 35 by 50 inches. I was glad I have DAK to add the name inside of the heart.

I really need to give my passap an affectionate name since she knitted so beautifully for me after ignoring her for so long. She holds no grudges.

Now I have to knit some slipper socks on my Brother Β for a woman who was in the hospital. Then back to sewing. πŸ™‚

Okay, a friend found this link but I am having trouble getting all the pattern pictures. Maybe it is my computer.


  1. Rhonda Hazen Said:

    Lovely Baby Afghan.

  2. Roni Said:

    You should be proud of yourself – it’s beautiful!! And so nice and big. Sometimes you want a small afghan and sometimes a large and when someone else knits one and tells you about it, it’s a big help. Thank you for teaching us and inspiring us.

  3. Gillian Pearson Said:

    Hi Carol this is really lovely ! I like the size and it should last the baby for sometime ! you such a clever gal !
    Best wishes Gill

  4. Diana Said:

    Just beautiful!!!!!!

  5. Valery R Said:

    You did it again! Great job. Looks so cute and beautiful for a baby. I know the KnittinBuds they are part of our Guild. They both moved and had to close the website unfortunately. I let them know you are looking for them. If you want to email me questions you may have I can let them know if you want to do that. I’m glad you are back to knitting again. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Dr. Jerilyn J. Vogelsang Said:

    Trying to find the pattern for the large baby blanket with the bear and heart on it. Please email me and tell me where I should be looking. Thank you.
    Jeri Vogelsang

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