Passap E600 Christmas Knitted Key Fob



Measures 14 inches total length


Sorry I have not been knitting. I went off into a sewing tangent. lol  I made a quilted Christmas tree skirt so that I won’t be rushing to do it in the last few weeks before Christmas .  I finished a large autumn table quilt also. My latest project was mug rugs and key fobs. When I made the key fob I  thought, okay, this could be knitted also. This took about 15 minutes to make. The snowflake is the first one I did. I have a picture of the snowflake you would enter into your knitting program for downloading. Then I went and looked in the pattern book and there are many designs to choose from. More on that later.

First I found a small snowflake design . I knew I could not have many stitches to make a one inch width. I looked at my knitted strip of all the techniques that I have and technique 184(long stitch) looked the best for less distortion. Both end needles will be on the front bed.  I cast on  9 stitches (fb) and 8 stitches (bb) double bed with 2 strands of 2/24 at tension 1../1.. I hung a small comb and two weights….yes, two green weights! I used 2../2.. for CX rows. Then tension 3 for last N/N row and for the main tension. I knit 8 rows of solid red before downloading and knitting the pattern .  I knitted on needles 60 R and 68 R so that my work was close to the color changer. I knitted 392 rows . (total of 14 inches)I turned off console and knitted 8 rows of red to finish. I took off on waste yarn and kitchener stitched the top so I would not have a lot of bulk to go inside of the metal clamp. I also had my mast tension on 5.5 for number one and 6.5 for number 2. Since all machines are different, if the eyelet pops out of the holder while working, your mast is too tight. lol Then I just put the two ends into the metal clamp and closed .

If you don’t want to do the snowflake design, just look in your stitch book for small designs that are the width of the band(9 stitches) For example, pattern 1126 is the design in the top picture of the key fob. It was 7 stitches wide and 7 rows. I entered the design in win/crea and added two columns, one on each side.  If you want to do pattern 1304, you only have to add one blank column since there is one blank column in the pattern. You can even go to 10 stitches wide and be safe it will fit in the metal closure.

Also, if you don’t want to buy the metal one , you can start this on waste yarn and end on waste yarn. Before joining , put in a key ring circle. Then graft your stitches and sew a line just below the ring through both thicknesses so that the circle is closed. Okay, now back to sewing. hahaha


  1. Hi – we havn’t “talked” for a long time..need your advice.A friend of mine I PA lost her Mom..has offered me her E600 with just about everything! Motor,extra side panels,auto color changer,motor,etc!! What are your thoughts? I started MKing in 1969 with the Pinkie,got a DM80 with motor in mid-80’s – used it to knit,with motor,half fisherman rib strips,to make 4 strip headbraids,which were very popular back then0 – awesome KM! But – I had started a high-end wholsale design business in Vail,was using my Brother 930 fo almors everything,so much faster for those ended up elling the DM 80.just like new!!Have often regreatted that-have been watching for another DM80 with motor,at reasonable price….a little concerned about age now of the E6000.Would really appreciate your opinion on buying this E6000..and how would you suggest shipping it? Would Fed Ex be most reasonable? She has already taken KM apart,does have the box for main bed,but not the rest of anything.I bought a Brother KE-100 motor,new in bos,complete,no problem shipping,and reasonable in cost..She took all parts in her car to UPS today – they said it had to go freight – so she went there-cost was %40 dollars to Colorado.She’s too far away for me to drive there,but I know I can trust her – as to the Km working,etc.Would be a pain to put back together,I know,but a great mental exercise!!! Ohio,went to nursing school in Shaker Hgts,etc.ell in love with Colorado in 1963,moved here in time flies.




  2. Naomi Said:

    An excellent idea for a gift. Thank you.

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