Passap Console Issues



I went to knit on my passap that had been ignored for about 3 weeks and I noticed the console buttons were sluggish in entering a number. The next day all buttons stopped functioning. My friend Patty told me she saw something on the yahoo groups about cleaning the key pad and board. I found an article in the Passap yahoo group from Richard Croucher about cleaning the board. He tells you to clean the keyboard with isopropyl alcohol. I called my intelligent, patient friend Sheila who worked on circuit boards for a living and asked if she would help me. I took both consoles I have and went to her house. We opened the console and here is what it looks like. The gray square is the keypad. The gold square boxes in the lower right are what rest against the keypad . We cleaned all the contacts and the pad with isopropyl alcohol . I brought it home and it works like it is brand new. On my old console the number 8 was sluggish and stopped working completely. We could see a little dark dirt circle where the number 8 was. lol We (or I should say she) cleaned all and put it back together.

In the bottom  picture , the tall square box on the right  must come off before the circuit board can be lifted. There is one screw in the corner under it that keeps the board from coming up. I have arrows to the other screws that have to be removed. Unfortunately, I did not get the whole console in the picture. However, there are only two more screws on the right side. The screws holding the “tape ” where the white plastic is must be loosened also since they hold the board down.

My friend had a good time cleaning them while I was  secretly praying  that this would do the trick. And it did! It was easy to do and it is so nice that Richard Croucher, Pat Groves, Yahoo groups  and knitting machine groups are around to help with something that does not require sending our consoles out for repair.


  1. clasina riesewyk Said:

    Is there a way to find out why the pattern Reader does not work? I have tryed different sheets but to no avail.


    • First I would suggest using the console. If you go to the passap yahoo groups there is a wealth of information on the card reader. I did use the card reader when I first learned and it has to have really dark markings on the sheet for it to read the pattern.
      Go to the passap groups and google card reader.

  2. Great info. Thanks a million!

  3. Gillian Pearson Said:

    I have the same problem Carol and i am so glad to read your article …in South Africa we use surgical spirits for cleaning the keypad. thanks for the photos and good guidance all round. Sad we work on aging rolls royce machines..

    • You’re welcome Gillian. One of the reasons I took the picture was so we made sure it went back the right way. lol Of course, I forgot I had my spare console there! So we had two backups. Yes, they are aging but so glad there are still many out there in use! I feel bad that I disassembled the first one I had for the parts.

  4. mary Said:

    I am so happy for you we don’t need to loose any more machines.

    • Hi Mary, Yes, you are right. I have been leaning on getting out of machine knitting but when both consoles were on the fritz, I started to get withdrawal symptoms!!!! So, that must mean I am still staying with it. 🙂

  5. Mary Slattery Said:

    I couldn’t download to my spare console. Last July, Diana Sullivan’s husband, John, was upgrading and cleaning consoles at the Monroe MK seminar. I took the spare console to him for upgrading. I went to pick it up and asked how much I owed.

    “Nothing. There was a bug in the console”. I asked “A programming error?”

    “No. A bug crawled into the console and was stuck under the unlabeled key”.

    I still laugh every time I think about my buggy console!

    • Oh My Gosh Mary, that is the funniest thing I have heard!!! So did the little bug get executed? I am still laughing. Can’t wait to tell my friends who will appreciate the good laugh too! Well, if that happens to me at least I know how to open and clean the contacts. Thanks for sharing that story. 🙂

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