Passap Knitting Machine Drop Stitch Accessory Tool




About month ago my girlfriend sold her Passap Knitting Machine to a very nice lady named Tina. When Tina was here, she was asking about all of the accessories that go with the passap . She asked about doing lace and I told her that the machine will do lace and the drop stitch tool helps to do that. I directed her to my blog to show her some examples. We were also discussing the parts on the machine that are plastic and with age, have cracked or broken. I told her that when I bought my first passap, I was using the needle selector to get the pushers out of the back rail and the needle selector snapped in half lengthwise. It sits in my room with duct tape on it and I can not use the straight edge of it anymore. Also, my first and second passap machines both had breaks in the yarn guides.

Recently a package arrived on my doorstep and I was surprised to see what was inside. Tina’s 13 year old son made a “Drop Stitch” accessory on his 3D printer and he wanted me to use it and evaluate it. He told me he is going to be making needle selectors, yarn bowls, and yarn guides. This is such wonderful news since a lot of these parts are hard to find.

In the archives of my blog you can see the carpet stitch used on a hat in June of 2011, two color carpet stitch in May of 2011, ice skate ornament and mini stocking ornament in September of 2015 and lace designs in August of 2013.

I went to my machine and made the carpet stitch dust mitt that I had made in May of 2011.
The result was that his Drop Stitch works perfectly. The first picture shows the needles going up and then they go down as you slide the Drop Stitch across the bed. The second picture, I opened the bed to show that all of the stitches dropped off nicely.

This is an accessory that a lot of people have not even tried on their machines. I don’t think a lot of passap owners realize the potential of this tool. When I first learned how to do the carpet stitch I used the needle selector tool to raise and lower the needles to drop the stitches but it took forever and the yarn caught on the latches of the needles.
BJ suggested on my blog, using the carpet stitch pattern for a bathrobe. This tool can be used when you do the broken toe cast on where you knit the first row and then drop the front bed stitches after placing the cast on comb. It can be used to put a design in a cuff on a sweater . The great thing is that it can remain sitting in the rail without being in the way. It does not have to be stored away and pulled out whenever you want to use it.
The carpet stitch jacket by Billie Hall is still on my bucket list but now thinking of a bathrobe. 🙂

The drop stitch accessory can be found at the link below. I LOVE the colors!



  1. Susan McBean Said:

    Very neat. I have seen all kinds of things done on these 3D printers…I remain clueless but glad the kids are not !

    • I haven’t seen a lot made on these printers but I am sure if I was younger I would be buying one to add to my toys!!!! 🙂

  2. Barbara Said:

    This is wonderful news. I have wondered if parts could be made on a 3D printer. Well done

    • I agree Barb. I have seen his design for the yarn guides and each corner has two openings for yarn which I think is a great idea! I am going to order a needle selector from him when he makes one. And I love the colors! lol

  3. Rita McElroy Said:

    Carol, I love and am inspired by your adventures in Knitting. Tonight 3 of us gathered to learn to use the Passap. We followed your pattern for the dishcloth using technique 153. Since 2 of us are very much beginners to Passap and I am forgetful, we found that we need all sorts of basic info included in the pattern. Okay, I confess, we forgot to set up pushers for the pattern and I did not put my brain in gear to realize that using the SX setting would do nothing if there were no pushers. We have each now written on the pattern to set up the pushers!! Well, we are still learning. Thanks for the inspiration. The fabric was so pretty! We just used acrylic (2 strands of 2/24 in 2 colors) and we just knit about 74 rows. Thank you again.

  4. Joyce Said:

    Hi Carol, Love these duster mitts. Just a FYI Janell Brawner in Texas has been selling the drop stitch tool for a long time. I have one of hers and it too works great also. I will be back at the St Cloud Knit Shop in September and am going to use it for one of my demos. As for the 3D printer, we have a small one at our place in Colo. I have put in my order for the small plastic piece that attaches to the mast for the yarn cups to attach to. So far they are still working on designing it.:-) Son & husband have designed various things and are still learning. My family has all engineers except for my dil & me. Although I always feel we are engineers also just not a degree. Keep up the good work and hope soon I will get back to you on my circle afghan. Keep up the good work!
    Your knitting friend, Joyce

  5. zoebrais Said:

    Buenas tardes, he heredado una maquina Passap duramatic S y solicito a quien lea esto ayuda para poder encontrar un curso de aprendizaje. muchas gracias de antemano Ana

  6. Rita McElroy Said:

    Thank you for info on 3d printing of parts of passap. I have just ordered some needle selectors (pusher selectors) from Tina’s etsy shop. I love that young people, and others who are tech savvy, are helping us with replacement parts for our addiction Rita

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