Passap 6000 Cat Blankets





I am having fun making these little blankets using single bed Technique 179 on the double bed. To use this technique, remember you always have to reverse the colors. You will use both beds and no back bed pushers. Front lock LX and back lock N. This blanket is the same size as the owl afghan ,29 by 29 inches. I made one for my sister’s cat Autumn and my friends granddaughter’s cat Luna. I made one plain to sell in my Etsy store. However,  I did not put the little cats on the heart and the letter ” I “. I thought maybe there are too many cats

I used Joan Swanson cat designs. I designed in DAK. I used the text in DAK to make large letters so the little cats could sit on them. I then took the little cats out of the larger files and placed them on the letters. I probably spent a whole day on this design because I came up with a design and would be ready to knit and then did not like it. I did not want a border so when finishing this, the last rows are plain. There is not an issue with the beginning and ending border matching in size this way.

I will be happy to share the I love cats afghan with you( I have the little cats on the heart and letter “I” but you can remove them if you don’t like them) but it can only be used for your use. If you would like the file with your cat’s name on it, I will be willing to do it but I would need some time depending on how many people want one. I will have the directions also. It takes about 5.5ounces of the main color and 2.5 ounces of the second color.

I made this blanket because my sister’s cat has a favorite chair .It will keep the hair off of the pillow and  when company comes, she can remove it and no cat hair to cling to her company’s clothing !  It could also be used as a little lap blanket…..put it on your lap and the cat sits on top of it keeping the hair off of you. lol



  1. Said:

    Hello Carol, I absolutely love your cat blanket and would love to have this design and when you have time, no rush, would love one for both Bello and Stella I am sure your sister and your friend will be thrilled. Regards Jean.

  2. Lois Said:

    As usual Carol your work is brilliant My sister has 2 cats and this rug would make a perfect gift to give her. Would love the pattern when you are ready regards Lois

  3. Valery R. Said:

    I love your idea. Looks great as always. There are a lot of cat friends I have several of those that LOVE their cats. I am thinking to myself – just a bigger mug rug – which I love all of them. Glad you got this great idea. My Passap needs a new project. Thanks for all your great work.
    Valery R.

    • Hi Valery, not sure if you wanted the files and instructions but sent anyway. 🙂

      • Valery R Said:

        Thank you so much. You keep me knitting on my Passap. I can’t wait.

      • You’re welcome! 🙂

  4. Susan Davies Said:

    Superb, love these blankets. Thank you for sharing.

    From: Cckittenknits’s Weblog To: Sent: Saturday, 8 July 2017, 21:09 Subject: [New post] Passap 6000 Cat Blankets #yiv2933921524 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv2933921524 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv2933921524 a.yiv2933921524primaryactionlink:link, #yiv2933921524 a.yiv2933921524primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv2933921524 a.yiv2933921524primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv2933921524 a.yiv2933921524primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv2933921524 | cckittenknits posted: ” I am having fun making these little blankets using single bed Technique 179 on the double bed. To use this technique, remember you always have to reverse the colors. You will use both beds and no back bed pushers. Front lock LX and back lock” | |

  5. Patty Said:

    Absolutely beautiful! (As usual LOL)

  6. Margaret Wojak Said:

    love your wee cat blanket , but i only have a dog .
    do you have any for a dog?

    • No, I did not do a dog blanket but may in the future. Will post if I do. 🙂

  7. Marc-André Said:

    Aswwww I’d love one

    • Hi Marc-Andre, are you saying you want the files and the instructions?

      • Marc-André Said:

        My Craft skills are unfortunately very rusty. I’d have to find someone to do it for me haha

      • 🙂

  8. Clasina Said:

    Wonderful I just have to have a dog one. I would love to make one as a head rest on the armchair she used. Thanks for the idea.

    • Hi, If you want a headrest you may want to go smaller on the size. This one is 29″ by 29 “. It was 200 rows and 168 stitches. If you want it smaller , change the stitches and rows.
      Carol 🙂

  9. Rita McElroy Said:

    Hi Carol, I love your work and have finally tried knitting the Thanksgiving placemats! It worked well, except for my personal mistakes
    I would love to have the design for the cat blanket. My grandkids would love to have these. Please send me the generic cat design…..and instructions if you have them handy. Thanks, Rita

    • Hi Rita, I sent them to you. Have fun knitting !

      • Rita McElroy Said:

        Thanks, Carol. I got them. Now to start knitting!!

      • Have fun!! 🙂

  10. Cathie lilburn Said:

    Hi there love your work and would love to know how to do the cat blanket. Thank you

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