Passap Knitted Owl Puffs by Jenna Krupar


I saw the free pattern for  hand knitted owl puffs by Jenna Krupar awhile back and I just came across it in my downloads. I decided to convert it to machine knitting and add a little stuffed owl to the baby  blanket I just made . The hand written instructions start at the bottom and work up. Then the top stitches are kitchener stitched after lightly stuffing it. On the knitting machine it is easier and faster to decrease so I started at the top. I did a row of N/N for cast on and knit circular for 15 rows. I knitted one row of ravel for removing the waste yarn easily. Then I knitted the face and the body the same amount of rows as the pattern and then decreased on designated rows. I decreased evenly and moved the stitches in. It took awhile doing it that way. When I finished I had a teeny weeny owl! lol He is 2 inches by 2 inches. Well, he can be a package tie.

So I went back to the machine and doubled the stitches and rows. I decreased 12 stitches instead of 6 like I did on the small one. I sewed on the eyes since the top of the eye was purple and you can’t see the thread behind it. I think they are cute. If you would like the instructions for the larger one, just email me. I was able to photograph  the right color pink but not the purple this time!


  1. Jenny Said:

    Could you please send me your pattern for these owls – they are delightful.

  2. Rita McElroy Said:

    These are very cute. I looked up the original handknitted one on Ravelry, also. I like all of them!!

  3. Faye Sanford Said:

    Love the owl. I haven’t been knitting \in a very long time. I’m gonna try this one and I have one just to get me going. Thanks for your blog.

  4. Mary Slattery Said:


    Please send the instructions for the larger owl.

    Sorry for the late request, but I either have time to read about knitting, or to knit, but not both. 😦

    Thank you!

    • Hi Mary, I sent it to you so check your spam if you don’t get it.
      Carol 🙂

  5. knotpaulat Said:

    Oh I love the owls and would greatly appreciate the pattern

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