Passap E6000 Owl Baby Afghan

Version 2

I promised my sister I would knit her a baby afghan for a shower she was going to before I broke my arm. The baby’s room is being done in owls and the colors of purple and pink. She called and wondered if I was still going to be able to do it since she needs it ASAP. No pressure there. lol  No sympathy either with a broken arm. Lol, just kidding sis! I already made her feel bad telling her that her husband and son are landscapers and they did not come and cut my lawn for me . That wasn’t fair since they live an hour away.

I wanted to try something awhile back so I thought I would try it on this afghan.I read an article that said you can take any Japanese design and knit it on the passap without distortion if you use the  single bed technique  179 but knit it double bed. You have to do two things to do this. You have to have an even number of rows and you always have to reverse the main and motif colors. I googled owls on the internet and found a punch card with this design. I entered it into win/crea since it was only 21 stitches wide and 35 rows and made up the design. I used 168 stitches and the pattern is 198 rows. The afghan came out 29 inches by 29 inches. I could have added another row of owls but did not want a real large afghan. The colors are purple and pink even though the pink looks white. The owl does look better in the purple rather than the pink. The pink ones look like they have ghost eyes. haha

I was able to knit with one arm. The only hard part was putting the cast on comb in. I took my time and no mistakes…..always a good day when that happens!

I have the directions on how I knitted this afghan(but not the file) in detail right down to  how to program the console for color reverse. Email me if you would like a copy.



  1. Rita McElroy Said:

    Another lovely blanket. Inspiration for me!! I was just reading some old magazines and read about using technique 179. Thanks for reinforcing what I had just read. I need pushing to use my Passap……and in 3 days I am demonstrating the e6000 to two new Passap users!!!

    • Get going girl!!! Do you happen to know what magazine you saw the article in? I can’t find it in all of my mess. lol Would love to have people over to learn the passap but not possible with hubby health issues. Darn, it would be fun! Good luck with demo, get some more people hooked on this wonderful machine! 🙂

  2. Gillian Pearson Said:

    This afghan is too sweet Carol esp knowing you had to work like a one armed bandit ! what did you use on the BB – N ?
    this has given me a sheep idea (when I get my BB channel sorted out 😒…

    • Hahahah, I like that-one armed bandit! You just use the needles on the back bed and no pushers.Back Lock setting is N, front lock LX.
      I will send you the information.

  3. janisu7 Said:

    Thank you for yet another great inspiration! I might not be able to come to your home for a lesson but you have taught me so very much, you are a super teacher! And yes I would love to receive details about this technique especially about colour reversal. I will send an email!

  4. Roni Said:

    Very cute blankie! You definitely inspire me to go knit on my Passap. Thanks so much for the blog. I’d love to get the directions for this blanket.

  5. Susan McBean Said:

    See you haven’t lost your touch…even one armed ! 🙂

    • Hahaha, I had to do something so I don’t forget how to use the machine. That happens ya know especially when we get older! This sure is testing my patience of which I have none!!!! 🙂

  6. cmaosha53 Said:

    Vert nice, I am a Passap newbi and would love to have pattern. I am a foster mom and trying to knit for my foster babies. Thanks-

  7. Jean SORTINO Said:

    Hello, how beautiful, just love it and would love to have the complete instructions to make one for my new great granddaughter who will be due in December. Regards Jean

    Sent from my iPad


  8. Judith Mary griffin Said:

    It’s beautiful I would like the instructions for the owl blanket. Thank you for sharing your designs and the inspiration to knit.

  9. Donna Said:

    Soooo cute and inspiring! I too would love the directions, please. I would also like to know the magazine the other info was in. Thanks for all your posts!

  10. jeannette sloan Said:

    I would love a copy of the Owl Afghan.

    Thank you,



  11. Elsabe Vermaak Said:


    This is such a lovely design. May I please have a copy?


  12. mojo171 Said:

    Owl Afghan is just too cute! Would love detailed instructions.


  13. Susan D Course Said:

    Love your knitting, you are inspirational, even with one arm. Sue in UK

  14. Susan D Course Said:

    Please can you Email me the owl pattern instructions. I’m so excited that I have managed to write a message to you that I forgot to ask for pattern in previous message. Sue in UK

  15. Judith Mary griffin Said:

    Could you send me the instruction sheet again as it has been lost by other users on my computer. I trust you can help me. Thank you very much

  16. canshebereal Said:

    Can I get instructions as well? For some reason I cannot find where to email you? Sometimes technology is not my friend. is my email.

  17. Dr. Jerilyn J. Vogelsang Said:

    I would love a copy of the complete instructions for your owl blanket.

  18. Marie Elva Perkins Moore Said:

    I would love a copy of the instructions for the owl blanket. I have had my e6 for 8 months now and it has been a learning curve, to say the least. Have been trying to do programming for baby blankets but its been hit and miss. A lot of miss.

  19. Jacqueline Barnard Said:

    Hi i would love a copy of the instructions for the owl blanket.
    thank you so much.Jacky South Africa

  20. Jacqueline Barnard Said:

    Oh sorry i forgot to ask for the hart blanket instruction
    please thank you

  21. Christine Said:

    I just love this owl afghan. Please can you Email me the pattern instructions. Christine UK

  22. Cheryl Bunting Said:

    I love all your baby afghans. Could you please send me the instructions for the owl afghan. Cheryl South Africa

  23. Donna Primer Said:

    Hi Could i have copy of the owl afghan please? Have been looking through your blog for a while now, which made me want a passap, now i have one Yippee
    Donna uk

  24. Debra Loosley Said:

    Oh my, I just have to also ask for a copy of the pattern, my daughter loves owls and they are hoping for a baby in the near future….. would be such a perfect gift,
    Thanks so much, you have great Passap projects to inspire us!

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