Passap Lapghan using 3 color techniques




Ha, ha, fooled you again. Here is my knitted strip of techniques for a three color design. It is shorter and took 918rows of knitting. I used 60 stitches and I knit 102 rows of each. I knitted techniques 195 to 200. Then the last three are 204,205 and 206.

I also had to learn how to download a 3 color pattern that is in the console. I realized I had never done this. These are the ones with the asterisks next to them in the pattern book.   I used pattern 1285 and added 1286. I wrote this down programming the console to downloading to locks. If you would like a copy, please email me. If you would also like the information to attach to your strips of knitting, if you do one, email me for that as well.

The strangest of the techniques are 204,205 and 206.(bottom 3) In the picture you can see a blister type effect that is more pronounced in the last one. The book calls this a pin tuck effect. These three techniques require back lock changes. In #204 you knit 2 rows of color one on LX/N, 2 rows of color 2 on LX/N, and you knit 4 rows of color three on LX/BX. In other words, you are knitting 8 rows for one row of knitting. On #205 you will do the same with colors one and two and then you will knit 6 rows of color 3 on LX/BX. In this one you are knitting 10 rows for each row. On #206 you will do the same with colors one and two and then knit 8 rows of color 3 on LX/BX. This knits 12 rows for one row of knitting. All three of these techniques use black strippers. Now I don’t know if I did the last three right so I am going to go back and try something different to see if they look the same. On the back bed you only have four pushers in work , two on each end. It also might look strange to me because of the pattern I chose. I know that when I give up this machine, I still will not know everything it can do!!


  1. Susan McBean Said:

    Aw…you are never going to give that machine up….at any rate, no one could say you hadn’t tried to master it all. Now, me…I give up now ! 🙂

    • Lol, I may have to give it up sooner if I don’t stop buying punch needle kits! Hahah, now get your book out and start learning that machine. 🙂

  2. Gillian Pearson Said:

    Hi Carol this is such a worthwhile exercise – we never stop learning on the Passap … my favourite except when i make a booboo then i am mad…do you think you could send us the notes separately …the print very small and i can’t seem to make it any bigger … and your notes are so important…i did a similar exercise with the 2 colour tech – T3.5 with 2 strands 2/31 ..have not done 3 colour work at all …so very keen to see you details. Thanks Gill

  3. Aaltje Said:

    Hi Carol, this was on my “to do list” for years. Now you inspirerende me to start. I should like to have your notes (from the two colour strip also, please) I Thank you so much for doing all this work! Aaltje.

    • Hi Aaltje, I sent you the information. 🙂 If you knit the 3 color would you send me a picture of techniques 204,205 and 206? Thanks, Carol 🙂

  4. Lois Said:

    Have to hand it to you Carol you are one determined lady
    Would love the information to attach to the strips and copy of programming 3 col pattern Many thanks Lois

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