Passap Storytime Quilt-Charlene Shafer


I learn something new every time I use my knitting machines. I started looking  through a lot of old patterns I have and I had Charlene Shafers Storytime Quilt book. I decided to use up some yarn I have and play around with her motifs in this book. Well, four to five hours later I came up with this.

Here is what I learned. The cows are unhappy in the barn and want to live in the house since it is bigger.  The rooster is mad because he can’t find any of the hens and he got sunburned sitting on the fence all day . Farmer Jack is steaming  mad because he started to collect the bales of hay and the rain clouds are getting his hay wet.Mrs farmer Jack is mad because she has the laundry drying on the clothes line and she is stuck in the  out house and can’t get to it before the rain comes. …….well it is a story time afghan. 🙂

Okay, seriously I did not want to make a four color blanket because I wanted a lot of design and I did not want a super long afghan. The blanket uses four colors but it is knitted with a three color technique-199. I used hunter green , white and yellow until I knitted the last top stitch of the flowers on row 120. Then I changed to red as the third color and knitted to row 804 and then changed the red back to yellow so the tractor and hay were yellow.  What I learned is that the afghan in my house looks like a normal hunter green all the way through it. In the picture it looks darker where the red is behind the green. You can only see the line in the picture . I kind of like the darker look so the cows spots look black. lol  I thought of duplicate stitching the green spots on the cow but I am okay with it. So is you want to make something like this you might want to stick with four colors all the way through.

All in all I think it is kind of cute and tells it’s own story. I had fun making it and my passap was knitting like a dream and not one error with the whole afghan . I did have one thing happen but it was my stupidity. When I noticed the second strand of green had run out(did not wind enough off) I was 24 rows past the run out point. I still had the afghan knitted in an hour. I even took the time to see how much of each color of yarn I used.


  1. Sherry Hogan Said:

    I am so glad that I am subscribed to your site! I just love your attitude and the story on this one is great. Imagine giving this to someone and telling them your story! I am so busy learning all my other machines, that I tend to neglect the passap, but whenever you post something, it gets my imagination going. I just need to make the time for Princess Passap! Thanks once again for the inspiration.

    • Thank you Sherry, it is people like you that make it all worthwhile!!! 🙂

  2. leenrue Said:

    I really like the afghan it is really different, and cute.

  3. Sis Said:

    What a cute blanket that certainly would make any child excited. It is so unique and the story gives it character. Beautiful job!!! You are just so talented.

    • Thank you from the bottom of my heart to my biggest admirer,my sister! Love you girl. 🙂

  4. Naomi Said:

    This will make a beautiful wall decoration in a nursery. Thank you for sharing your love for this craft.

  5. Donna Said:

    You are too funny!!! I am from Iowa and know lots of people who would love this. Your “description” was the best! Gave me a good laugh this morning. What are the dimensions of afghan?
    I just this week bought a Brother 970 I’m going to try and learn but now am looking at my E6000 and wondering why I’ve never learned how to knit on her! Maybe not a good idea for a newbie but time will tell.
    Thanks for all of your posts!

    • Great, tell the people in Iowa about this when I put it in my Etsy store! lol Now is the time to get the dust off the E6000 and go to town. 🙂 The dimensions are 52 by 32 inches. 🙂

  6. Connie Said:

    Wow Carol, you are multi-talented!! Love your stories and I agree EVERY time you post something I drop everything I do like the housework….LOL…and check out your new creations….Your blog has a wealth of information and your sense of humour is refreshing :). Thank you for sharing your time, knowledge and talent with the world. LOVE your work!!!! I learned so much from you and credit you for my success on the E6000. THANK YOU xoxo You are amazing!!

    • Wow, what a great review! Thank you Connie. I am glad if I can help at least one person. 🙂

  7. Chris Parker Said:

    I was shocked to read that you had this knitted within an hour Carol. Were you using the motor?
    I am literally TERRIFIED to use my motor – it’s the 3000 rather than the 3000A, so it’s slightly faster (from what I’ve read). I’m worried it will crash into the colour changer and destroy everything.
    Any tips/advice?

  8. Chris Parker Said:

    Thanks for your reply Carol.
    Yes, I’ve knitted a few afghans on the Passap but I always stick to 2 colours. My latest one is here:
    I always imagined 3 and 4 colours would simply take an age. You must be ridiculously fit to knit these off in one go. So inspiring!
    I’m the same as you with the G carriage on the Brother, though I tend to run a bath (my bathroom is next door to the machine knitting room) and listen carefully with the door open! 😉
    Love your blog – so much inspiration!

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