Passap Headband Using the Front Bed



Here are the two bands I knitted , one leaving the first zig zag row on the back bed(pink) and one dropping the first row of back bed stitches and knitting on the front bed only(blue). The sizes are almost the same but the pink yarn was thicker than the blue. The second picture shows the bind off on the back. Either one is acceptable I think. Picture 3 shows how the teeth of the comb have to come up between the front bed needles in order for the comb to stay on and not drop off. Picture 4 shows the comb hanging behind the front bed stitches after pushing the back bed needles out of work .In the last picture you can see my needle selector tool sitting between the beds to keep the needles from popping up. All the front bed needles were down . I then took a loop and hung it on a front bed needle. Then I skipped a loop ( It does not look like I did but the loop closes when you stretch the one on either side) and I skipped a needle and did that all the way down the bed. Now I could have just bound these off but that would have taken too long and not as easy being on the front bed. So I hand knitted the needles for the row which did not take long. Then I brought up all the back bed needles opposite the front needles , knit a zig zag row and bound off the same way as the original.

So now it is your choice on how you want to make this, with or without frustration!

🙂      Here is the dropbox link





  1. Jill Rashleigh Said:

    Just finished my first headband – my pops pop in not out but still very pretty. The good news is I don’t think you have to worry about using any weights at all. I remembered a hem (from Pat Groves I think) which was basically the same technique and I followed her instructions – knit first row R to L on 1×1 rib N/N with orange strippers 1.5/1.5. Set lock to BX/N (she sets back lock to BX without any pushers as a safety measure), bring up all the needles on the front bed and knit a row with orange strippers at SS tension L to R. Change to black strippers and continue. No problems with stitches whatsoever. Wish my pops popped out though! Best wishes, Jill

    • Whoo Hoo, glad you made one. What color did you make. Her band is the same except that in this headband you knit one row back to the right in 1 by 1 and Pat Groves doesn’t. And of course, the lock setting is different but I did not have trouble using GX. Thank you for the input and letting me know you tried it and you were successful!!!! Knit on woman. 🙂

      • Jill Rashleigh Said:

        I made it in light blue and a blue/purple variegate. I think it would have looked better in 2 plain colours. I will try and post a picture here – can’t seem to do that. I will try and email it to you. Do you think my pops might have popped if I used a larger stitch size?

  2. Jill Rashleigh Said:

    Here is my picture – cheers, Jill

    • Hi Jill, can you send to my regular email? Do you have it? I can’t see picture.

      • No, I guess they don’t pop out but sort of ripple. No, larger tension won’t make them pop. More rows of the GX/BX might make them pop though. 🙂

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