Lace Scarf made on the Brother Machine




How can something that looks so hard to knit be so easy? Somewhere on a knitting machine site I saw a red scarf knitted with this technique and it was beautiful. Reference was made to the technique used being from the John Allen book called The Machine Knitting Book. I also saw it called the wave on a Facebook knitting machine group. I had a small ball of  yarn sitting around and decided to use it up.  It might be acrylic with mohair or wool with mohair. I know it feels scratchy around my neck but I wanted it for around a coat collar. I had this knit in less than a half hour on my Brother 940. Once I got into the rhythm , there was no stopping me. I did not want to crochet all the way around the scarf like the woman does in the video. I like the way it curls in and I don’t want to steam it flat. I like narrow scarves. I used seven sets of 4 needles. This video is excellent even though it is not in english.

If you look closely at the top picture , you will see seven strands of yarn between the sets of four. If you have more or less , you will know you made a mistake.  I even like the wavy edges when it is finished.

Here is the link to the video I followed. I hope you give it a try since it was a lot of fun to do.


  1. Maxine French Said:

    I am unable to open the link from your site. Will you please post it separately or write out the pattern as you did it. Maxine French

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Mary Ann Said:

    Pretty pattern Carol

  3. I love this pattern but I think it´s not really made for a scarf, because as soon as one winds it around the neck the lovely pattern is almost gone and not as visible as it should be.
    Unfortunately that happens to so many wonderful patterns: if they lay flat it´s a dream, drape it around one´s neck it´s all gone…I tried to lay the ends quite flat on my coat, but it starts rolling with every little move I made…too bad, really.
    It´s really lovely when used in a Cardi (sleeves knitted plain) though 🙂
    What´s your experience while wearing this scarf?

    • Hi, yes, I know what you are saying but I did end up steaming this to lay flat. It does not show around the neck but the two ends hanging in the front do show the pattern. I have had someone ask me to make one for them so they must have noticed the pattern. Wow, I definitely could see this as a sleeve on a card!!!! Great idea. 🙂

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