Another Passap Mug Rug


Hahahahaha, bet you did not want to open your email from me just to see another mug rug.   🙂

I made this baby afghan lovely yesterday. I told my husband I was making it for someone and needed an hour of uninterrupted time. I  surprised myself since I finished it in 32 minutes…..without a motor.

Now, I have shown this before and directions are posted in my blog. I have to tell you why I made it. My friend and I were in JoAnn fabrics and I saw a pattern for sale for an 18 inch doll. (Sister’s granddaughter has one and now making clothes for it) I asked the clerk if the sale included the doll pattern and she said she thought so but to check on the price check scanner in the store. I did and got the shock  of my life. The pattern was on sale at 50% off and the sale price was $13.70!!!!! I put it back and my friend and I started to have a discussion about how expensive patterns are nowadays. A woman approached the two of us and said she could not help but overhear our discussion abut the prices of doll clothes patterns. She then told us she has a ton of them at home along with her sister’s collection and we were more than welcome to them for free if we come and get them. She said she would like to know that someone used them instead of throwing them away. Whooooo Hoooooo……so we are going tomorrow to pick them up.

So in talking to her she said her eyes are failing and she does not sew too much any more and all of the children are grown. She mentioned that a grandson was  born in the family a month ago. So I decided since she was not charging us, I would make this afghan for her to give for the little baby boy.

On second thought, I could give her some sets of mug rugs to say thank you !!!!!!! LOL


  1. Jackie johnson Said:

    Love the blanket and want to try it. I’m new to the Passap, so we shall see how it comes out. I love what what you are doing for your new lady friend, she’ll love the blanket. Merry Christmas to you.

    • Thank you Jackie! I hope you try making this. It is easy to do since it does not use pushers on the back bed. Good luck! Thank you for commenting. Merry Christmas to you . 🙂

  2. Naomi Said:

    Ha ha ha – big mug that is! I can’t help but smile at the lady’s generosity regarding the pattern. A good deed deserves another. Beautiful, cosy “mug” you have there.

    • Hahahaha, at least I got someone to laugh. Big mug rug it is and I would hate to see how a cup would sit on it….wobbling around. 🙂

  3. Connie Said:

    I absolutely LOVE the afghan lovely. It was my first afghan project on my E6000. I’m impressed only 32 minutes to knit the afghan without the motor drive 🙂 LOL…I would have opened it even if it was another rug mug pattern. THANK YOU for your excellent instructions on your patterns and your unwavering support !

    • Thank you Connie, I am impressed with your progress on making this afghan in just days of getting the pattern!! And a newbie to the passap is even more impressive. Keep up your good work. 🙂

  4. Nancy Said:

    So kind and thoughtful of you to give her the blanket for the new addition to their family. Don’t stop with the mug rugs I have been enjoying work photos. Enjoy all the new patterns you will be getting.

    Merry Christmas Nancy

    • Thank you Nancy, it is nice hearing from people to see if they want them . It is great practice for new knitters and they do make nice gifts in sets of four. 🙂

  5. Marg Anderson Said:

    Such a beautiful idea to give the lady a lovely gift. So kind of you but then you are a generous person. I love seeing your pattern and had a laugh when I opened this last email to see a rug in place of the mug rugs. Please would you tell me the needle set up, the number of needles and rows. I have an old pink Passap and my old grey motor has stopped working. Thank you for your wonderful patterns and informative information. Marg

  6. Marg Anderson Said:

    Sorry I meant to add I did look for the pattern as you mentioned that you had given instructions before but I couldn’t find them. I enjoy seeing everything you knit including the Mug Rugs. Have a delightful day with your new friend. Merry Christmas to you and your husband. Marg

    • Will send you a pm. 🙂

    • Valery R. Said:

      I am also wondering if you could help me find the directions too? This is a big mug rug and it is very pretty and I was supposed to make a baby blanket for a friend and he was born 3 moths ago? Where did the time fly? I also need to get my Passap running again.

  7. Gillian Pearson Said:

    What a hoot …had to laugh at your comments…mug rugs n awl !!!!

    • Hahahah, glad to see people have a sense of humor. I really figured people were getting tired of seeing the same old thing. Lol 🙂 Thanks for leaving a comment.

  8. Lee Said:

    I think some of your mug rugs (and/or placemats) sewn together could make some very adorable seasonal afghans! 🙂

    And I certainly don’t mind your mug rug posts! I have been anxiously awaiting a chair I can use for my Duo80 and plan to make some of your mug rugs as practice (after I can successfully complete the training/learning projects in the manual). My family may end up fearing receiving small packages from me, lol.

    I’m curious about something, though. What price do you remember patterns selling for? And about what year was that? Have you tried adjusting that price to current dollars?

    I know that in many places, income has not actually kept pace with inflation (certainly true in my last salaried job!), so even putting price increases in perspective with inflation doesn’t seem to justify the price. I just think it’s something to keep in mind when things seem to be too expensive.

  9. Jacqueline Said:

    Hi i would like the baby afghan please can’t find the instructions,i have the Passap e6000 and the Duo 80 love the afghan you did a very nice job as always.Thank you so much .

  10. Sandra Said:

    Hi, I have just seen the picture of your baby afghan, it is just lovely, and I would like to attempt it but can’t locate the instructions, can you please help? Thank you

  11. Margaret Wojak Said:

    love the baby blanket i think that looks easier than the owls.just new to passap E6000 & machine knitting,where can i find the instructions? i have been lurking here for some time. Thanks so much

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