Passap Christmas mug rug.




I just noticed a mistake in the pattern. It has been corrected and uploaded into my drop  box. This is a corrected picture of the final mug rug. I hope no one tried to make it so soon. 😦

I saw this design in a book I have called Add a Seasonal Touch by Designs by Debbie.           I had to reduce the rows  so that the box would not look like a skyscraper.  Lol   I took rows out of the bow and the box. When I made the first one I used two weights and had a loose mast tension. As you can see it came out longer than I wanted.  I did not want to take out more rows because I liked the design the way it was.  So I set the mast tension to 5.5 on both masts and I lowered the tension to 3./3. And I left the weights off.  Now I think it looks better. The larger one is 5.5 wide by 7.5 long. The shorter one is 5.5 wide by 6.5 long.

I used 39 stitches and 35 rows.  I used two strands of 2/24 yarn for each color and technique 183.  Total number of rows knitted is 140. Needle set up was 19 left and 20 right.

To finish, on row 141 , I set locks to N/N  and at the same tension,  with color one I knitted two rows.  Then I set locks to CX/CX and used a good contrasting waste yarn and knit several circular rows.  Set locks to N/N and without the yarn, knit one row to drop the rug from the  machine.  I then took a double eye botkin and kitchener stitched across to the last stitch.

You can find the pattern in bmp format for win/crea and stp format for DAK in the drop box link below.  I did not write out full instructions  for downloading. If you have trouble with it please email me.



  1. Connie Said:

    Thank you Carol! I tried it and it turned out great! Thank you for your excellent instruction and your generousity of sharing!!!

    • Great Connie, you are really excelling on your passap!!!! You go girl. 🙂

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