Halloween Pumpkin knitting short rows


I know a lot of people like short rowing and this is how this pumpkin is made. It was easy and it came out cute. I would like to make one in wool and felt it. I have had this pattern for over 40 years and never made it . The pattern is hand written and  believe it was a hand out at  my knit club many years ago. I can barely make out the writing to see how the stem was done and I had to guess at it.

This can be made on any machine but I used the passap.   If you use the passap you have to use the pushers under the needles in work and LX on front lock. To short row, just put the pushers out of work and back in work according to the short rowing instructions. I used two strands of 2/24 tension 5 on the passap. The pattern called for Trenzado yarn and tension 7. My finished size is 5 inches wide and almost 3 inches tall.  If you use the Bulky machine you will have a larger pumpkin. Using Trenzado on the standard machine would probably make a larger pumpkin than this one also.

You can see the directions in my drop box link below






  1. Mary Ann McNaull Said:

    Really cute Carol

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