Passap China Pattern Sweater



I just finished knitting this  sweater following a pattern  called China Pattern Jacket . It is in Modern Machine Knitting magazine dated June of 1992 . I made this on the Passap E6000 and made lots of modifications. I made it a sweater instead of a jacket. I used win/crea to change the patterns of the leaves so that they were not split in the front like the original pattern. I also spaced them so that they were not in the seams of the sweater and the sleeves. I patterned the neckband so that the design did not go into the buttonhole. There is only one buttonhole in the band at the neck. The yarn I used was Diamonte in Wedgwood Blue and Cream.

Now I am going to tell you that I absolutely love my E6000 BUT ….now I don’t feel like a traitor to Brother machines. This would have been a breeze on the Brother. The only reason I used the Passap was to try fair isle and I won’t do it again. 🙂  EVER!  It is very confusing doing patterns since you have four rows to knit for one row. I also had to keep raising pushers on the ends when I knitted the second color. (like the end needle selection that Brother has). Wrapping was out of the question .

And FLOATS? OMG they are huge. I had to latch tool up behind the flowers to pull the floats in so that there were no gaps between the background and the pattern. I don’t see how that can be avoided using any machine with this pattern though. Well, unless it was knitted in double  jacquard.

I sort of like the jacket better but short items don’t look good on me. I do have to say that this is one of the best fitting sweaters I have ever made and it feels good on me. The sleeves are my perfect length also.

So if a Passap is the only machine you have, this can be done.




  1. Alma Blaikie Said:

    I love this garment – but I would be doing it in jacquard with N on the back bed and there would be no floats to worry about on the Passap. This is the type of knitting I have been wanting to do for a while, I really admire these garments and I love Oleana knitwear too. Really enjoy your achievements.

    • Thank you Alma, I did not want to do double jacquard because it would have been too heavy for my liking using Diamonte . It feels really nice on and I am glad I did it this way. 🙂

  2. leenrue Said:

    I love it, You do such good work . Mary

  3. Sherry Hogan Said:

    Wow! Again another beautiful sweater where you learn, and then we readers learn…. And it saves us the trials!! Thanks for sharing again!

  4. Lisa Said:

    It is beautiful. Thank you for your explanations — we can learn from your hard work. I especially love the yarn and colors you chose. Makes me want to give it a try!

    • You’re welcome Lisa. If you give it a try , don’t do it on the passap lol. I could have had it knitted and together in two days if I had used the Brother. 🙂

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