Passap Shadow Lace Diamond Design with Simulated Seed Stitch Neckband




Simulated Seed Stitch Neckband

This design of shadow lace can be done on any machine with a ribber. It is so easy to do. The purl side ends up being the right side of the knitting. To do the diamond design you will be knitting on the bb of the passap or main bed for other machines. When you want the design to start, this is how it is knitted. Row 1-4 you will put 2 needles into work on the front bed(ribber) and knit 4 rows. Row 5-8-put one needle into work on the right and left of the first 2 needles in work on front bed(ribber) and knit 4 rows. Continue to increase one stitch on each side until you have 12 needles in work and you knitted the last 4 rows. There will be a total of 24 rows. Now transfer the diamond stitches on the needles to the back bed(main bed ) and knit 10 rows. Then start your design again. This is explained in the book Simply Passap Volume1, Number3 August 1989 and the article is by Pat Wentzel.on page 11.

I knitted this tunic in  Tamm’s Diamonte in a deep royal blue . I chose this yarn since the pattern in the simply passap book was done in the same yarn. I knitted a 1/2 inch rib and put in side slits following Sandy Cherry’s instructions on a sweater pattern I have of hers. I like the way it is knitted and also the way it looks . To do the slits, you knit your ribbing. When you are finished knitting the ribbing, bind off 7 stitches on each side. Knit the length of the opening you want(mine was 4 inches) and then cast on those 7 stitches that were bound off. when you are finished with the front or back, you will knit a 1 by 1 insert.

I did not know what I wanted for the neck until I remembered doing a simulated seed stitch neck band that was in the Jan Wold and Jan Mills passap book. I have the band posted in this blog on March 26, 2015. If you go to that posting you will find the directions in my drop box on how to do the seed stitch band. I sewed the neck band off instead of binding off around the gate pegs just in case it would not stretch. I followed the directions for the sewing off in the book called Casting on and Binding Off by Grace Bengelsdorf. It took me probably an hour to do it this way but I think it looks nice and it is not tight.

If anyone decides to try this you can email me for my notes. I used tension 6. Stitch gauge was 7.61 and 12 rows to the inch. Mast set at 4.5 I will give you the length I used and the rows to start the diamonds on.

I also tried something else and it worked. I DO NOT like a lot of bulk in the underarm area. That is one reason I don’t like drop shoulder sweaters. I made the armhole opening 9 inches . So when the sleeve is knitted it usually has an 18 inch measurement when you get to the underarm . I decided to knit the sweater with a 9 inch opening but I made the sleeve 16 inches at the widest part and I love how much skinnier the arm is. I am glad that I tried it. I had no trouble hanging the sweater and the sleeve on the same needles for joining.

I did another thing that I have not done before. I joined  the side and sleeve seams by hanging them on the machine and binding off. I like this look much better than trying to sew the purl side by hand.


  1. Mary Ann Said:

    Absolutely beautiful Carol. I have such a great teacher.

  2. leenrue Said:

    You did a great job I love the looks of the sweater and the color is nice as well the arrows set it off very very nice job. Mary

  3. Susan McBean Said:

    Another stellar piece !

  4. Lois Said:

    Once again Carol a credit to you. You have the patience of a saint.
    Would very much appreciate a copy of your notes
    Regards Lois

    • Hi Lois, I sent you the information. Well a saint I am not. Hahahaha and some people would question my patience. 🙂

  5. Sigrid Lefebvre Said:

    I would really like your notes for this sweater. Thank you.

    Sigrid Lefebvre


  6. I love it all! The sweater is beautiful. The specific notes you have included are great. The fact that you include your references is amazing. This inspires us/me and lets us look for the specific info on our favorite details of your sweater.

    I love reading your current and past blogs. Thank you for taking the time to write in such detail!

  7. texas44 Said:

    this is an interesting blog I read. She Describes method for shadow lace which looks cool. she writes mostly about Passap but this article talks about both. She knits great garments. By the way I have an extra shadow lace tool I will give you if you want it. I think it acts as transfer tool. google it. I still have not gotten to the new Studio for lace. or the Passap either. I did get my applesauce done and in the freezer. Roberta gave me a big bag of ner apples. She and hubbie are very busy growing all sorts of things. I enjoyed your tomatoes, thank you. finally finished the prunes and will enjoy your asian apple next. Did you get to try anything from those books I gave you? or the scarf? Take Care, see you soon. Linda


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