Passap V Neck Cardigan-Inspiration to Outcome





Well, as you can tell, the outcome looks nothing like the inspiration. LOL Here is how it started. I saw this sweater(bottom picture) and thought about making it in Can Cun on my Brother 940 since lace is really easy to do on that machine. Then I changed my mind and decided to use Main Jaggerspun wool 2/8 instead of CanCun. I had made a vest in that yarn and I liked the way the lace knitted with it.(shown in my blog in 2/11) I picked my color of wool and threaded up the machine. So I went to look for the information on the vest to see what tension I used so I could knit my swatch. While looking for the information I came across the sample of the hem I tried on the passap from a passap magazine .(this is shown in my blog in 9/2011) I made that sample in Diamonte so I decided to use that yarn and design as the hem for the lace. And now I am off to knit it on the passap.  I decided on five inches for the design.  I took my measurements from my swatch and drew up the pattern . After I finished the front and back and joined them at the shoulders, it hit me that I think a crocheted neckline would look funny. Oh well, worry about that later. Hahaha
Now I have to do the sleeves but I don’t want to do increases in the ribbing part because you knit circular , then transfer to a 2 by 2 rib and then knit circular again . My cuff came out to 3 inches so I subtracted that length from the arm length and ended up doing more increases in a shorter distance to get the right width at the underarm.  I finish that and join the sleeves. While knitting the sleeves I thought that for the front band I would use the same design I used for the bottom and cuffs but instead of doing the last circular rows, I did the “sandwhich ” join and it ended up being really easy to do.

While doing the bands, I didn’t want to bring the band down to the bottom five inches because I wanted to leave that open . I just wanted three buttons . So I left the rib edges unfinished . I did latch tool crochet through the first and second stitch to give it a little more thickness.
I wanted something casual and this ended up being a little more dressy but at least the sweater was not a loss.
I did have something funny happen. It is so hard to tell how the length of the sleeves will feel until the sweater is sewn together. So I did the bands and sewed the side seams and OMG, the arms were down to the floor….well….not to the floor but they were a good inch too long. I left my sewing room and contemplated  a remedy. It is not a big deal to shorten the sleeve but I did not know how I was going to join the cuff. I did not want to attach the rib and then  bind off. Okay, it hit me that I could do the cuff like the front bands. I had some things to do  and put this on hold. Then I got the idea to leave the seams open and wash and dry it like my swatch. I did that and the arms came out perfect length! SO, it does pay to do swatches. I am so glad I did not shorten and then end up having 3/4 sleeves.

I needed a simple one stitch buttonhole and my next post will show what I did. I found the directions in a ribber book but the explanation made no sense until I tried it. I wanted to use small buttons and this was perfect for it.




  1. Susan McBean Said:

    As always…amazing. I cannot follow you but the sweater is beautiful.

    • LOL, are you saying I ramble on and on and……..hahaha. Thank you S2

      • Susan McBean Said:

        No, couldn’t be further from the truth ! I just am amazed that you come up with all of this and it turns out so beautiful. 🙂

      • Awwww, you are so sweet! Thank you. 🙂

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