Passap Double Jacquard Square Neck Tunic

Front of Passap DJ Tunic Sweater


Side view showing ribbing on sleeve and side seam

I tried the square neckline in my last posting because I wanted to make a square necked tunic.  I used Bramwell’s Duo Magic in olive green and wood pigeon! What color is that you ask? It is like a beige color. I used pattern 1289 (8 stitches by 8 rows)in the passap pattern book and technique 183. After I figured the number of stitches I needed I realized it was the perfect amount for the sides to match….a first for me.

I did the neck ribbing after I finished the front .  I sort of thought it looked plain and matronly but I continued to knit the back  .  I figured out how to knit the back with a one inch drop without doing a cut and sew. Then I knit the back rib .

I have not done a lot of double bed knitting of garments but I thought the shoulder seam would be thick with four sets of stitches. I decided to make a band of ribbing that would mask that if it happened. I hung the shoulder stitches right sides together with the ribbing in-between. I then cast off. The shoulder seam is really flat . Now I am looking at it and thinking it is still pretty plain looking and not sure I should have done the ribbing on the shoulders. I came up with the idea of ribbing between the side seams near the hem. I did the same thing by putting the ribbing between the two fabrics right sides together. Okay, not so plain. Now for the sleeves!  The sleeves were 400 knitted rows!!!  I finished both sleeves and then got to thinking   of how to put a ribbing on the sleeve but not between the seam. I knitted up the ribbing, took it off on waste yarn and latch tooled the open stitches from the inside between a knitted column. It worked. lol

Here is what I learned while knitting this.

To take stitches off on waste yarn on a brother is easy .You just pull out the needles to hold that you don’t want to knit. I had to figure out how to do this to remove the left side stitches of the front to work on the right side. I figured out how to do this on the passap and laughed when I succeeded. I used pushers under the front needles I wanted to remove and LX setting on front lock and GX on back lock. On the back I brought in pushers and used BX and GX on the front lock.. I took off circular and it made it easier to rehang  the stitches to do the left front shaping.

The next thing I learned is that when your increases or decreases are in every row if you don’t put the end pushers up on the front bed, the end needles will start to have stitches pile up . That is because you knit four rows for one row and the second color did not always knit the end stitches because of the pattern.I experienced this on the sleeve cap.

The third thing I did was when I knitted the sleeves, I started with 60 stitches and got to 120 at the underarm. When setting up the pattern I set the Left and Right stitches at 35- and 35+. This way, when I was knitting I did not have to take the locks all the way out to needle 60 so the console would not beep and make me reset the pattern. I kept doing this as I increased in increments of five. I never forgot once. What also surprised me is that I never forgot to put a pusher in work or out of work. When I first knitted on the passap , I always forgot since you don’t have to worry about that on a brother machine.

I am now happy with the sweater and especially with the weight of it. I love Bramwell yarns and I am glad I made this sweater instead of an afghan. AND I still have 8 ounces of yarn left on each cone!

Was it as easy as I thought it would be? Yes and  No.  I would say it was more time consuming than difficult. Every time I decreased or increased it was on each bed and it took a lot of time. On my sleeves I had 28 increases on both sides to the underarm. That means four decrease each time(both ends and front and back bed) On the sleeve cap there were 1 stitch decreases on almost all of the rows until the last rows at the top. I think the first sleeve took me 2&1/2 hours to do. The neckline probably took about that length of time also. I started to laugh when I was knitting the front. It was 292 rows on the front to the underarm and it felt like I was knitting an afghan!!!!    🙂






  1. Marvin Luginbuhl Said:

    Hi Carol, Is there a pattern for this sweater that I can purchase or is it something you just did on your own? It is beautiful. You are so great with the passap and I would love to get together with you and have you show me some things to do on the passap. I have been trying to knit a Baby Afghan Lovely with technique 140 but every time I download it from my computer and try to knit it the machine does not do a pattern just knits plain and I can not figure out what I am doing wrong. Sincerely Marv

    On Sun, Jul 31, 2016 at 3:34 PM, Cckittenknitss Weblog wrote:

    > cckittenknits posted: ” I tried the square neckline in my last posting > because I wanted to make a square necked tunic. I used Bramwell’s Duo > Magic in olive green and wood pigeon! What color is that you ask? It is > like a beige color. I used pattern 1289 (8 stitches by 8 ro” >

    • Hi Marvin, Thank you for the compliment. This is my own pattern and I have no problem sharing it but I am not hooked up to the internet on the laptop that goes to the machine. I will see what I can do.
      As far as the afghan lovely, are the pushers going up to knit and then down? If you are sure the pattern is downloaded, you won’t see different needles in pattern until around row 60 or higher. The first rows are tuck and that is the boarder. Hope this helps. You can set up the needles, advance the pattern to row 50 or 60, and knit without yarn and see what happens. If it is not row 50 or 60, go higher. If you still don’t see needles selecting then let me know.
      Carol 🙂

  2. Susan McBean Said:

    It is as they say in Maine, AWESOME. You did a beautiful job. Lucky Marv, he is close enough to actually get together. No worries…you can just send me the line by line instructions…from sit down….of course in my size !!!! LOL, tee hee hee. Great job !

    • Tee Hee, S2, I have line by line instructions since I use the program SweaterMaker. lol I love it, just enter the stitch and row gauge and it writes the pattern for you. It is only 60 dollars and still available at Seedling Software. You would have to do the tension swatch first though for me to send you your size. 🙂

  3. Tina Said:

    This is lovely!
    You are so clever to be able to work a pattern from scratch, most of us have enough trouble knitting a ready made pattern lol.
    I would also like the instructions if poss.
    Best wishes Tina

    • Hi Tina, thank you but I can’t take all the credit. I have the program sweater maker and that is all you need. You do a tension swatch, put in the stitch and row gauge and it writes the pattern out for you along with the schematics. It is still available for around sixty dollars and it is by Seedling Software.So now I have let you down. lol 😦

  4. Joyce Said:

    Carol, beautiful as usual. Your many items are always such quality work. I haven’t touched the Passap in almost a year now. Hope to do a little something before we go for the winter. It would be nice to make just a fraction of what you produce. I have been doing a lot of quilting this spring & summer. Too many hobbies! Keep your posts coming; I love to see them & I keep them in a separate folder.
    Joyce H

  5. Thank you Joyce. I too have many hobbies and that is why there will be long periods of time between posts. It has been so hot here that I have had to stay inside . I am now off to sew a utility apron for my niece who is a teacher . I am afraid Joyce at my age if I left the passap for a year, I would have to learn all over again. Hahahahah 🙂

    • Joyce Said:

      I doubt it. You are too good at it. And a lot of it comes back; its like riding a bike.

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