Passap Stargate Afghan by Tatiana Knits

Version 2

I found more yarn in my house I did not realize I had, so I decided to knit the other pattern I bought from Tatiana Knits. It is called Stargate. I used technique 186. The colors I used are hunter green and light tan. I used tension 5/5. for the body of the afghan using 2/24, two strands of each color. Cast on was tension 3 and CX rows tension 4. It was 984 rows Β of knitting. I knitted to row 982 and shut console off. In other words I did not knit the last two rows of color 2. I set the locks for CX and knitted two rows with color 1 and then one row at N/N atΒ the loosest tension possible. Then I took the afghan off of the machine on 12 rows of waste yarn at settings CX/CX. I latch tooled one stitch through the next to the end and removed the waste yarn.


  1. Susan McBean Said:

    BEAUTIFUL !!!!

  2. leenrue Said:

    I really like this , can it be done on other machines for I don’t have a Passap thanks Mary

    • Hi Mary, I would think that you could do this on other machines using double jacquard . However, it would probably come out too narrow and long. I am probably not the one to ask this question.

      • Tatiana Knits Said:

        I could make a bigger chart for Brother or Silver. My e-mail at the bottom.


    please tell me how I can purchase the two afghan from tatiana knits. I would need to have them on a disk for a passap as I am not computer oriented at all. Thank you. Hazel PS your work is always so beautiful and you are so gifted

    • I contacted her on Facebook. Her name is Tatiana Prodan. Her patterns are 4 dollars. She sends you a file over the internet. I would contact her and ask her if she can burn the file to a disk and mail it to you. Let me know her response.
      Thank you for your compliment! πŸ™‚

  4. Faye Sanford Said:

    Stunning design and you did a beautiful job with the knitting.

  5. Ann Poprdan Said:

    It’s very beautiful Carol, I would like to make something like that. I need to get active on my E6000

  6. Laurie Kilborn Said:

    Nicely done.

  7. Lisa Said:

    What are the finished dimensions?

    • It is 44 inches wide by 75 inches in length.

      • Lisa Said:

        Thank you. It’s beautiful.

      • Thanks, wish I could take credit for the pattern. lol

  8. Tatiana Knits Said:

    Thank you Carol for another beauty.
    For those, who are interested in the pattern chart, please contact me

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