Passap Doily in Cotton-Pattern Carole J. Thimidis

DSCF2500I am still doing short rowing and I have to tell you how I came upon this pattern. I saw a pattern for a round dishcloth and I loved how the outside was finished. The pattern was by Marg Coe and the pattern was available in the LK150 knitting machine group. I made the dishcloth on my passap out of sock yarn and it came out the size of a coaster. I have lent the sample out but will post when I get it back. I emailed Marg Coe and asked her if I could make that pattern larger because  I wanted to use it as a doily and not a dish rag. It is too pretty. She emailed me back and gave me some suggestions. So that is my next project in short rowing to share with you. When she answered me she sent me this pattern and told me that it comes out rather large and it is a doily. Well I had seen this pattern in the LK150 group and that was my next mission to find it. And here it shows up in my email!! Thank you Marg! So I used a cotton yarn, tension 6 on the passap. No console is needed and it is so very,very easy. I emailed Marg and asked if I could share this pattern with you. She told me that Carole was an instructor that gave this pattern to her and told her to share it with whoever she wanted . If you would like to try this pattern, just email me. It is written for machines that can pull needles to hold. I did a sample on the Brother to see how it was made. To make it on the passap,you can’t pull the needles to hold.  I cast on both beds , hung the comb and dropped the stitches off the back bed. I knitted several rows of waste yarn and followed her pattern . Since you can’t pull needles to hold on the passap you have to have 41 pushers under the 41 stitches. The lock has to be set to LX and GX on the back bed. When it says to pull two needles out to  hold, all you have to do is lower the two pushers to non working position. There is no wrapping of stitches and it knits rather quickly. I took my time so I did not drop any stitches. There are 16 wedges and I reset the row counter after finishing one wedge. I actually got to the point of memorizing the pattern and did not have to look at the sheet. I also used the one eye transfer tool instead of a multiple one since it was too easy to drop a stitch if all did not transfer.  I was going to crochet an edge but I think this is just lovely the way it is.

I am sorry I have not posted anything but the weather has been beautiful and I don’t want to stay inside. Also, I did not have a cable to download to my passap from a  laptop. I got rid of my pc and now I can download easier. I am now up and running and hope to be doing something soon before I forget how to use my passap and Brother machines. lol


  1. Jean DeRoest Said:

    I would love to have the pattern for the doilyThank you Jean

  2. leenrue Said:

    I would love to have this pattern. I have a Brother 350 and a Toyota 950 so I can do both standard st or mid-gauge st this would give me something to do that shouldn’t take long.
    My e-mail add is and Thank you very much
    Mary Ruegg

  3. Nancy Gonzalez Said:

    I would appreciate a copy of this pattern. It is too pretty not to knit.

  4. Rhonda Hazen Said:

    What a beautiful doily, I would love a copy of the pattern.

  5. Nancy Riker Said:

    The doily is beautiful and I would love to try it. I have a brother 930 machine. Can you please send me the pattern. Thanks loads!!


  6. Valery R. Said:

    That is so beautiful! Great work. Glad you got to enjoy the outdoors. Keep up the great projects. Valery R.

  7. Kathleen Roe Said:

    Where can I purchase the pattern for the doily? It is beautiful. 🙂

  8. Eliabeth maher Said:

    I would love t have the pattern for this also. so nice !!

  9. Jeannette Said:

    Looks great I would love to have a copy of the pattern.

  10. Tina Said:

    You make it sound so easy! The doily is beautiful. I would love to try the pattern please. Tina

  11. 9bythebeach Said:

    Looks great. Would like to try the pattern and hope it looks as good as yours. Thanks.

  12. angela haws Said:

    Its beautiful! I would love to try it, my mother loves doilies!!
    Enjoy the beautiful weather!

  13. Judy Morin Said:

    I, too would love to have the pattern.

  14. Aaltje Doedens Said:

    You did a great job again! I’d love to try this, so I would appreciate it very much, if you would send me the pattern. I hope you can enjoy the nice weather for a long time.

  15. Said:

    Could I get your directions for this beautiful doily?  You really did a gre

  16. Mary YOUNG Said:

    I would love a copy of this pattern. Thank you. Mary Young

  17. Betty Lively Said:

    YES PLEASE. I would love a copy of this pattern. Thank You, Betty Lively May I share it with the Machine Knitter’s Guild San Diego?

    On Thu, Jun 30, 2016 at 4:56 PM, Cckittenknitss Weblog wrote:

    > cckittenknits posted: “I am still doing short rowing and I have to tell > you how I came upon this pattern. I saw a pattern for a round dishcloth and > I loved how the outside was finished. The pattern was by Marg Coe and the > pattern was available in the LK150 knitting machine grou” >

  18. Lois Said:

    Hi Carol,
    Would love copy of doily Thanks Loiis

  19. Julia Stepanova Said:

    Hi Carol, send it for me , please) I hope I will be able to knite it on my passap 6000))) Have a great weekend!!

  20. Ann Poprdan Said:

    Hello Carol. I too would love the pattern for the doily. Is this your holiday weekend? Have a great holiday.

  21. Elsabe Vermaak Said:


    This doily is just lovely, reminds of those my grandmother used to make. May I please have the pattern, I have never done anything remotely similar, and you sound so enthusiastic, I just have to try it. I will really appreciate it.

    Thank you. Elsabé Vermaak

    Sent from my Android phone using Symantec TouchDown (

  22. Sherry Hogan Said:

    HI there! I would love the pattern as well please. I have a Brother 970 as well as a Passap E6000. Thanks for sharing your skill and ideas in this blog. You have inspired me quite a few times!

  23. michegonsa Said:

    The doily is beautiful, may I have the pattern as well? I have the Passap Duomatic 80. Thank you.

  24. Judy Said:

    hi, I also would love the pattern for this doily. I have a duomatic 80. May thanks

  25. Jacqueline Said:

    Hi ,I also would like the pattern .i have a passap 6000 and a duomatic 80.thanks

  26. Toni Ricc1 Said:

    Hi I would love this pattern. Thank you for your inspiration.

  27. Conny Rasmussen Said:

    Please send me this lovely pattern. Best Regards from Conny

  28. Clasina Said:

    I would love to acquire this pattern as our Passap Club has monthly meetings with show and tell and a demo, this would be great for a short rowing Demo. Thanks in advance, Clasina

  29. Tricia Said:

    If this lovely pattern is still available, I would like to have a copy of it. I need more practice on my Passap short rowing.
    Thank you.

  30. Rhonda Hazen Said:

    I would love be the have the doily pattern too!
    Thanks so much.

  31. Michelle Said:

    I would love to have this pattern, please? thank you!

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